Saturday afternoon, 2014

Event organized by Paizo Event utilizes official Pathfinder content Game

The Red Bishop

Saturday afternoon, 2:00–7:00 pm, 2014 • The Bellingham Room

The town of Sandpoint has had its share of troubles lately—fires, murderers, goblins, even giants have attacked the town. Now, a clue as to why the normally sleepy town has become such a focus for trouble has arisin—someone or some THING has been pulling strings and manipulating fate to bring misfortune and peril to town. Your group of adventurers have followed the clues, and they point now to the tiny island of Grubber's Hermitage. Does Sandpoint's mysterious enemy, the Red Bishop, dwell there? If so, can it be stopped before the town is destroyed?

Materials Needed: Bring an 8th level character with 20-point buy for ability scores (no Mythic Adventues, but any other printed Paizo product is fair game for your build); bring a miniature for your character.

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Event # 43920
When PaizoCon 2014:
Where Seattle Airport Marriott
The Bellingham Room
3201 South 176th Street
Seattle, WA 98188
Category Pathfinder RPG Game
Game Master James Jacobs
Age Rating 18+
Complexity Hard
Experience Required Some

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