Pathfinder Society at Dragon's Lair San Antonio

San Antonio, San Antonio, TX

Event # 2821

Introducing Pathfinder Society to San Antonio! This bi-weekly event is for all those in the San Antonio Metro Area interested Paizo’s Pathfinder game and their RPG organization The Pathfinder Society. I am creating this Event to introduce those interested in the Pathfinder Society to each other and to pass along the Pathfinder Society play at Dragon’s Lair in San Antonio.

We currently have 2 web sites.

Pathfinder Society San Antonio (Obsidian Portal)

We use this site for passing along news and tracking game information. Send me an email for invite.

Pathfinder Society San Antonio (Warhorn)

We use this site for scheduling and signing up for games. You can join this page yourself.

Where Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy® (Store)
San Antonio
7959 Fredericksburg Rd Ste 129
San Antonio, TX 78229-3431
Contact Mike Daniels

morning, afternoon

#1-04: Bandits of Immenwood
Quest #2: Unforgiving Fire

Age rating: Family Friendly. Game complexity: Normal.

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