This page is the temporary home of the Pathfinder Playtest while our site undergoes maintenance.

Welcome to the Playtest

Welcome to the next Evolution of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Ten years ago, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game launched with a massive public playtest that led to a decade of amazing stories of adventuring heroes from game tables around the world.

Now it's time to make the game even better! Download the free Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook, give the game a try by playing the Doomsday Dawn adventure, and tell us what you and your friends thought of the experience. We need your feedback to make Pathfinder Second Edition the best game it can possibly be.

We can't do this without you!

If you need to get the Pathfinder Playtest PDF files, you can do so by clicking here!


Since the launch of the playtest, there have been a number of updates to the Pathfinder Playtest, and a few to the Doomsday Dawn adventure. You can find both in the following update document. The current version is 1.1 released on Monday, August 27th.

Download the Pathfinder Playtest Update, Version 1.1!

Playtesting the Game

Once you have a copy of the Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook and made your first character, we want you to gather together a group of friends and play the game! We have provided an adventure for you to play, entitled Doomsday Dawn, that is broken up into 7 distinct chapters. Over the course of the Playtest, set aside some time to play the game and then give us your feedback. We are using surveys this time around to collect your thoughts so taking part in the playtest could not be easier.

Before play begins, make sure to grab the Playtest Tracking Sheet PDF that will help you keep track of a few important pieces of information that we are going to ask you about in the surveys. There are different surveys for players and Game Masters so that we can ask about the experience from both sides of the screen. There is also a general feedback survey for each part of the Doomsday Dawn adventure, allowing you to give us some final thoughts.

If you are not playing Doomsday Dawn, but you still want to participate, we have surveys for you too! There are a number of general surveys that will go live in August, asking questions about a wide variety of topics in the game, but focusing on the various classes, ancestries, and play mechanics. When those surveys go live, you will find links to them right here.

Other Ways to Participate

You can also follow along with the playtest on Paizo's Twitch channel. Once the playtest is underway, we will be hosting a live stream every week, playing the game and talking about the results of the playtest so far. Videos from that stream will be archived on YouTube if you miss the live broadcast.

Currently Playtesting: Part 2, In Pale Mountain’s Shadow

August 27 through September 9

A group of heroes is sent to Pale Mountain in a race against time to recover a mysterious gemstone with shifting hieroglyphs inside before it falls into the hands of foul cultists. An adventure for four 4th-level characters.

Surveys for Part 1, The Lost Star

Surveys for Part 1 of the Doomsday Dawn, The Lost Star are still open. You can submit your feedback through the following links.

Surveys for Pathfinder Society Scenarios

Surveys for the Pathfinder Society Scenarios are open as well. You can submit your feedback through the following links.

Rose Street Revenge

Arclord’s Envy

Raiders of the Shrieking Peak