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Introducing Anachronism, The Greatest Game in History, that lets you pit historic warriors against one another, using their unique skills, armaments and inspirations. Who is the greatest warrior of them all? Play this fast- paced collectible card game brought to you by The History Channel , and TriKing Games to find out.

"Everything under heaven belongs to me. I am like the sun in the sky. Will the sun ever be extinguished?" Such were the words of one of China's most powerful and reviled kings. Infamous for his love of carousing and disregard for those beneath him, Jie ordered the finest wines, treasures and women of the empire brought before him. Contemptuous of life and death alike, Jie was a living terror to both his enemies and his subjects.

Yeng Wang Ye, the great lord of death, waits to judge Jie in the afterlife. Unheeding and avaricious, Jie is driven to conquer and subjugate everything within his reach. This fervor and fury are Jie's greatest assets in the Anachronism arena they may prove too great for any warrior to defeat!

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