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The Valkyrie Hybrid Class (PFRPG)

Libram of Lost Spells, vol. I (5E) PDF

The Idolator Hybrid Class (PFRPG)

Races of the Outer Rim: the Spectra'al (SFRPG) PDF

The Bleak Harvest (PFRPG / 5E) PDF

Races of the Outer Rim: the Omenoi (SFRPG) PDF

Races of the Outer Rim: The Anarchane (SFRPG) PDF

Ranger Spell Deck: 1st-4th Levels (PFRPG)

Feats of Legend: Limit Break: 21 Feats of Fantastic Martial Finality (PFRPG) PDF

Feats of Legend: 20 Alcohol Feats (PFRPG) PDF

Technomancer Spell Deck II: 4th-6th Levels (SFRPG)

Technomancer Spell Deck I: 0th-3rd Levels (SFRPG)

Races of the Outer Rim: the Ruanoch (SFRPG) PDF

Rawr! Volume 1: Fear and Dread (PFRPG) PDF

Altered Beasts: Gnolls, Vol. I (PFRPG) PDF

1KWA-2: The Coin Purse's Strings PDF

1KWA1: The Dark Hunters PDF

Mystic Spell Deck I: 0th-3rd Levels (SFRPG)

Recovery Dice Options (5E) PDF

The Malefactor Class: Revised & Expanded (PFRPG) PDF

Noble Cause, Bloodied Hands (PFRPG) PDF

The Reaping Stone Deluxe Adventure (PFRPG)

Cleric Spell Deck II: 3rd-5th Level (PFRPG)

Slaughter at Splinterfang Gorge (PFRPG) PDF

The Bleeding Hollow Deluxe Adventure (PFRPG)

Sorcerer / Wizard Core Spell Deck II: 3rd-4th Levels (PFRPG)

Sorcerer / Wizard Spell Deck I: 0th-2nd Levels (PFRPG)

Feats of Legend: 20 Orc Feats (PFRPG) PDF

Feats of Legend: 20 Story Feats (PFRPG) PDF

Feats of Legend: 30 Fey Feats (PFRPG) PDF

Fifth Edition Options (5E) PDF

Fifth Edition Feats (5E) PDF

Wardens of the Wild (5E / PFRPG)

Feats of Legend: 20 Celestial Feats (PFRPG) PDF

Feats of Legend: 20 Undead Feats (PFRPG) PDF

The Demonologist Class (PFRPG)

The Ultimate Gladiator (PFRPG)

Feats of Legend: 20 Infernal Feats (PFRPG) PDF

The Feybinder Class (PFRPG)

The Fen of the Five-Fold Maw (PFRPG)

Feats Reforged, Vol. IV: The Magic Feats (PFRPG)

Feats of Legend: 20 Warpriest Feats (PFRPG) PDF

Feats Reforged, Vol. III: The Combat Feats (PFRPG)

The Barbarian Reforged (PFRPG) PDF

Feats Reforged, Vol. II: The Advanced Feats (PFRPG)

The Cleric Reforged (PFRPG) PDF

Laying Waste: The Guidebook to Critical Combat (PFRPG)

The Tomb of Caragthax—Revised (PFRPG)

Servants of Shadows (PFRPG)

The Malefactor (PFRPG)

Feats Reforged, Vol. I: Core Feats (PFRPG)

The Deductionist Base Class (PFRPG)

Rawr! Volume II: Flame & Wrath (PFRPG)

Grave Undertakings: The Ship of Fools (PFRPG)

Reaping Stone Deluxe Adventure Battlemaps (PFRPG) PDF

Scions of Stone: Six Original Gargoyle PC Races (PFRPG)

More Malcontent (PFRPG) PDF

Dwellers in Dream (PFRPG)

Infamous Adversaries: Urizen, the Bleak Lord (Download)

Infamous Adversaries: Ischadra, Grandmother of Assassins (PFRPG) PDF

Infamous Adversaries: Slogar the Uncaring (PFRPG) PDF

Infamous Adversaries: Ichor Humansbane (PFRPG) PDF

Infamous Adversaries: Raxath'Viz, the Creeping Rot (PFRPG) PDF

The Sinister Secrets of Silvermote Adventure (PFRPG)

Infamous Adversaries: Temerlyth the Undying (PFRPG) PDF

The Sinister Secrets of Silvermote Adventure (PFRPG)

Grave Undertakings: The Tomb of Caragthax the Reaver (PFRPG) PDF

Infamous Adversaries: Cytheria the Blasphemer (PFRPG) PDF