Aspect Catalysts are really cool

Entropy AC bonus does not stack with blocking property.


Entropic Strike and Specialization


On the theme and representation of Vanguards.

What's the Momentum Aspect's intent?

Informed Choice for Entropic Strike Crits?

Me, stepping through making one of my characters as a Vanguard from 1 to 20.

Darth Vader as a Vanguard

Vanguard Grapplemander Build

Operative with Vanguard dip test

Using Entropy Points

Vanguards combat role and weapons.

Vanguard's Entropic Strikes should benefit from solarion weapon crystals

Vanguard Entropy & Solarion Solar Manifestation -- Setting Differences

Can the item level requirement for using a weapon with entropic strike be relaxed?

Resource Linked to a Temporary HP Pool Idea

Vanguard Playtest Results

First Impressions Thread

Entropy point gain. "Damage = Benefit" mechanics never work.

Significant Enemies and Entropy Points

Sell me on a Strength Vanguard

Vanguard Clarifications and Questions

Level 1 vanguard needs something.

entropic strike and the polarize quality

Our Vanguard Playtest

Initial Vanguard Thoughts

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