Nanocyte Class

Clarification: Creating Nanocytes Above 1st Level

Nanocyte Playtest

Swarm Strike Scaling

Clarification: Swarm Strike

Redirection and ABUNDANT NANITES

Breaking down items for Nanite Investment doesn't make sense

Archetype trade out

Cloud array concealement

Facial Reconfiguration / Biometric Theft clunky and too high of a level?

Anyone make a Sniper with naniteswarm as a backup?

Making a third-level Nanocyte: Actually doing it.

5th level Nanocyte build (Infiltration)

Skitter Home Nanocyte

Comprehensive Nanocyte Impressions

Thread to list your suggestions

How do Knacks and Faculties affect Surges for Arrays?

Can I make higher-tier datapads? Could I make a computer?

Making a third-level Nanocyte: My cloud / swarm frustrations.

Playtesting with races.

Problems with the Redirection Faculty

Swarm strike damage?

Heavy Weapon / Armor Edge need revision

Gear Array rules text in conflict with Table 1-1

Sheath Faculties

How multiple arrays impacts Gear array?

Unarmed / Swarm Strike + Malignant Mist?

Reactive Repair Text Questions

Question on HP and Stamina

Gear Array Forms - a completely theoretical analysis

Nanocyte as Medic

Unstoppable Nanites

Question about Shaping the Cloud Array Beyond 10ft

Creating a Nanocyte above level 1 (SFS Urgent?)

Readthrough Impressions

Manifold Arrays and Gear

Wild Nanocytes Never Die

Complications due to Investment. (Society)

Hungry Nanites

Unstoppable Nanites v.s. Flashing Nanites

Higher level Nanocyte forms

Swarm Strike Throwing


Reactive Spray


Clarification: Choosing Gear-Array Major / Minor Forms at Character Creation

Raapid Reshape

Malignant Mist underwhelming?

Quid's first impressions

Armor upgrades and shields

Unstoppable Nanites (Ex) on a melee weapon

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