Mech Playtest

Does Upper / Lower Limbs take up a frame slot?

Powered Armor vs Mechas

What is the in universe explanation for power cores not starting at max at the start of an encounter?

So are mechs technically this game's version of mythic?

Thread to list your suggestions

Battletech Conversions / Pregen Mechs

Mech Playtest Reports

Mech playtest tier 8

Thoughts from building mechs

Brainstorming items for mechs

How Much Damage Does a Mech Do With An Unarmed Strike?


Will there be a sense of progression in the final release?

Building Mechs Is Boring Homework

Mechs should not count as vehicles

Missing abilities for components / systems?

Missing Info

Mechs and Swift Actions?

How does the mech grenade launcher work?

Clarification on damage that causes system failure

Analysis of Mech Point Budget Progression

Mech Playtest Weapon Slots clarification?

Playtest Feedback question

Multi-Operator Mechs: Who is in control?

Shield Generator

List your possible exploits

And I will form the head

So... where are the combiners?

Mech Playtest first pass questions and notes

Encounters for Mechs

A mech sheet?

Mech Row Call!

Having huge mechs is a mistake.

Are mechs creatures?

No Magical Synergy?

Damage to Characters

Abilities without a specified action

Mechs - Are they vehicles for purposes of class features and feats?

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