Character Operations Manual Playtest General Discussion


Something I'd like to see with Vanguard and Witchwarper

Play test experience feedback (1-26 spoilers)

Starship Skills & Playtest Classes -- do not 'pooh-pooh' our need for 'pew-pew!'

Sample Characters for the Playtest

Playtest Characters breaking scenarios

Multi-Classing with new Classes

Are the names set in stone?


What setting elements do we see the playtest classes matching up with?

Playtesting the Vanguard with a Deinosuchus

How about a new feat?

Character Operations Manual speculation

Basic Descriptions?

Inspiration and Examples in Fiction

What adventures are people playtesting with?

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Playtest Launches!

Riot Shield and Pistol, How To Do It?

New archetypes

Playtest NPC Class Grafts?

Playtest-compatible resources

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