Evolutionist Class

Evolutionist Playtest

Evolutionist Clarifications

Know Direction Interviews John Compton About the Evolutionist, plus Alex’s Thoughts

Niche Metamorphosis

Evolutionist thoughts

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Evolutionist Playtest Update

Playtest Results

Sepulchrals buying necrograft version of biotech and cybernetic augmentations

Can you throw your melee Adaptive Strike?

Eldritch Niche - Spell Twisting Questions

Evolving thoughts

The Transcendent Evolutionist

How do folks like the RP to Class Feature option?

Build up

Counterintuitive Resource Design

Playtest Report

Niche Abilities

Lack of Transformation Abilities

Thought Experiment: What If the Evolutionist was an Archetype?

Reverse Evolutionist

Reminder, this is a PLAYTEST

Best / most amusing adaptive strikes.

Recover Actions

Quid's take on things.

More useful outside of combat

Evolution Point pool resetting


Spending EP "Special": Regaining control of your body

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Evolutionist Playtest Launches Today!

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