Summoner Class

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Welcome to the Summoner Class Playtest!

If we could just have a thread asking what Mark and the rest of the design team can can not say.

Should the class be named something other than summoner?

So, summoners in PF2 are now Stand users. Is that a good thing?

Diversity in Eidolons

Cirieo Thassaddin, Summoner

Level 12 play experience.

Some ideas for the summoner

Plaguestone - session 3 Experience

Synthesis adjustments

Question about acquiring Dying condition from the shared HP pool.

Eidolon Attack of Opportunity

Eidolon Con Dump Stat

Does the eidolon ever roll initiative?

How are you building your summoner?

Shared Saving Throw Rolls

Eidolon’s main stat tied to the Summoner’s Charisma?

Is shared HP actually new?

Get rid of evolution surge

Heal, Battle Medicine, and More: how separate is the Eidolon from the Summoner?

Mechanics vs the power of imagination

Unfettered Eidolon Focus Spell Duration

When to use an eidolon or an animal companion?

Make each Eidolon more unique

Final Assessment on the Summoner Class: Current iteration

Dumb casting question

Encorporate Specializations.

Why Summoner Spellcasting is a Trap

Alternate Eidolon

Animal companions vs Eidolon

Hit Point Patches

The Builds - The hypthetical double punishment build

0 Sum Eidolon customization

Why the separate hit point pool is important

Dragon breath weapon

The coolest bit of Narrative in the Summoner Playtest

Eidolon Summoner Ability Modified Some

Viable caster Eidolon

Playtest round 2?

Where is an Eidolon when it isn't Manifested?

Apex Companion Item

Act Together vs Move in Tandem doubt

summoner my Ver 0.001a

Evolution Feat Brainstorming

Large and huge Eidolons

Separation of Powers

Question about Flight and Balance

Things and Eidolon should be able to do

Summoning with money.

Eidolon Combat Feats

Now With Actual Play Experience - Summoner Level 6

Level 1 feat

Riding Eidolons

Eidolon Archetypes - "Skill Packs"

The solution to the Flight Problem

4 Summoners vs PFS 1-25 Grim Symphony [Spoilers]

Niece builds that only the summoner is good for

An idea to add some more customization for the eidolon at level one without the mess of evolution points and a way to balance certaint options,, Sub-templets.

if your eidolon gets hit with flesh to stone do you also turn into a statue?

Synthesis as dedication

Mostly feel-y reasons I'm less interested in the Summoner.

Two changes that made a huge difference for my table.

Wider more diverse eidolon

Highlighting Pain Points: Boost and Reinforce Eidolon

Summoner: needed clarifications, typos, and 1E artifacts.

dedications and archetype

Battle medicine (and other Immune for X abilities) and Eidolons

Animal Companion versus Eidolon Lvl 20

Trying out level 2 phantom summoner today

Advice on Level 8 phantom summoner

how would the shared hp work for a undead, fiend or aberration summoner?

List of common complaints about the The Summoner so far?

Free Multiclass?

Summoner King of exceptions

Phantom Eidelons

What do people picture the summoner doing round to round?

Some ideas the improve the eidolon without making major changes

Angel Summoner, 5th level playtest

First session of the our group(Homebrew campaign)

Act Together Change and Focus on Summons

How does the summoner compare to the spiritualist and hunter?

Ways to make a Synthesist

Synthesist Power Up

Could you evaluate my Elf Dragon Summoner level 5 build?

Why on earth is Winged Evolution a 16th-level feat!?

Spellcasting Eidolon

A very boring and simple fix for Summoners and summoning that works for new players.

[Warning: long text, TL;DR at the end] My thoughts on why the summoner might feel uninteresting and a possible way to fix it.

What are the Must-Have Options for Summoner?

No better team: Arm in arm we win the fight

Summoner and Confusion

Summoner Design Ideas

Fun things for the summoner to do

Exploration and the Summoner

Eidolon rider

Bouncing Back from Zero

PFS1-05 Play Through w / Summoner

What Eidolon types would you like / are you looking forward to?

I like the shared HP pool

What on earth would the multiclass archetype look like?

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