Magus Class

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The might, the magic, THE MAGUS!

What do we need to do for one roll spell strike

Magus feats

Nixing Spell Slots Entirely Might be a Good Idea

Spellstrike suggestion

Syntheses as Stances

My Thoughts and Suggestions (Striking Spell and Several Feats)

What ELSE do you want to see improved?

Mobile Spell Combat is everything the Magus should be doing!!!

Magus - Final Impressions

Striking Spell and question about flat checks for targeting and such.

Why is the magus arcane only?

My Magus Experience (Again)

Black bladed?

What I Want To Be Able to Do

Developer ideas to the Magus

Is spell Multiclassing on the Magus broken?

My attempt and ideas to make Magus a little better. (New Synthesis bonuses)

High level features issue

We may have missread part of Striking Spell


Has your perception of Striking Spell changed after testing? And, if so, how?

Existing Character changed to Magus. Lvl 13

How do you visualize a Magus

My Magus' actual play - in which I get to kick a**

Striking Spell and other actions.

Alternative Spell Combat and Synthesis ideas

Recommended Adjustments for the Magus

Quick write-up of some level 8 encounters

The Great Book Big of Everything - Sustaining Steel

My case for Spell Combat

Playtest feedback survey idea

Level 2 / 3 Playtest Experience

Brief analysis and considerations

Lowering spell damage and increasing use

Hidden creatures and spell strike

What Cantrips do you take?

Alternatives to Striking Spell

Magus and the problem with spell attacks.

Energise Strikes Stacking

Why striking spell is the most PF2 mechanic ever designed, and how I've come to love it.

Spell Combat: Spreading the Love (and Power)

Ranked Choice Changes

1-Action "Spell Combat"

Which Magus feats are under-powered / uninteresting?

Synthesis and the single action Feats.

Change to Striking Spell to Help Action Economy

Base expectation from spell strike

Let's talk about Second Chance Strike

My Case Against 4-Slot Casting

Svartalfar Killer's Spell-Imbued Blade

What happens with a Magus boss?

Lets talk about shooting stars

is sustaining steel good enough?

Playtest Experience

(Another) Striking Spell idea and my case for it

Playtest Results - Level 7

Finesse Magus feels like a trap.

how do we make spell strike worth it

Other Magus tricks that would be nice to see

Bake shifting staff of divination into the base class as a feat or a focus spell?

places to put your spirit sheathe

The Magus is getting Caster Feats. They should get Martial feats

What to do about True Strike?

How would you build an Iruxi magus?

Let's Talk About Arcane Fists, Athletics, and Unarmed Proficiency

Striking Spell and its better half

Magus Combat Focus Spells

Why doesn’t Magus have something like Channel Smite?

What are the Must-Have Options for a Magus?

If the current Striking Spell stays, could we have Eldritch Knight?

Raise a tome class feat - question and confusion

Comparing martial MC Magus to caster MC magus

Eldritch Shot added to Expected damage tool for comparisons

Playtest Magus Spellcasting and Halcyon Speaker

How did the wizards gain their magic in the first place? (A Magus Tale)

Comparing Magus Striking Spell Damage to a Flurry Ranger

Whistful thinking. Not going to happen.

Striking Spell Stance?

Does a 2-Action "Spellstrike" Work?

How magus spellcasting stacks up

What If Striking Spell Did This?

Probably controversial, but what about "Arcane Champion"?

Only arcane?

The case for keeping Striking Spell like it is (-ish)

Levels 1-4 = magic weapon

Now that I have seen him in action...

slide casting, and attacks of opportunity

Request a cantrip

Fallacy’s of the Magus analysts

What kind of spells have you had the most fun casting through striking spell?

Very simple change for spell strike, two independent rolls

Magus Dedication

An unorthodox request to the devs

Things I appreciate about spell strike

Cool stuff we can do with the playtest Magus

Is the Targeting Restriction Neccessary?

Combat Font

There should really only be two syntheses

My Opinions on the Magus

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