Secrets of Magic Playtest General Discussion

Welcome to the Secrets of Magic Playtest!

Will there be a post playtest Stream?

Paizo Blog: Secrets of Magic Final Week

Level 7 Playtest - Sustaining Steel Magus and Angel Summoner

How will you play / run your Magi and Summoners once the playtest ends?

Magus Impressions, Low Level, Age of Ashes

Magus & Summoner Playtest in Age of Ashes Book 1: Hellknight Hill

Paizo Blog: Secrets of Magic Playtest!

Playtest level 4 - Beast Summoner and Sustaining Steel

Actual play - level 7

New champion code + reactions please

I ran a playtest at level 20 and here are the results

Synthesist Summoner Feat Questions

Do archetypes feel required? And if so, is that a problem?

Synthesis vs Synthesis

PFS Quest 08 - Shadows of the Black Sovereign Playtest Report

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel with Magus and Summoner

"Wave" Spell Progression

Summoner + Eidolon + Essence Prism. What happens?

Spell Slot Choices

Actual Play Report: Level 5

Things I Would Love To See

Feedback from a GM

Hampering new classes with the 3 action system

Know Direction: Secrets of Magic Review

Eldritch Shot added to Expected damage tool for comparisons

New spellcasters cant use Staves.

Four Slot Casting

Power budgets and balance

How many of your lower level spells go unused in an adventuring day?

Best Adventure Path For Testing?

Guys, this is a fantasy elf game. You don't need to be this angry about it.

Playtest rules clarification

Why not poll the community first?

Self target spell shenanigans

Lack of Legandary

What sorts of things should be included in a one shot designed to playtest Magus and Summoner?

Forum Dark Mode Please

Proficiency Tables

Refocus feats

Magus Initial Thoughts.

Standby Spell

Playtest Update Streams?

Summoner has a "different" Magical trait?

Class Upgrades / Archetypes / Feat Chains?

Testing the classes

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