Rage of Elements Playtest General Discussion

Elemental damage on the base attack feels core to the fantasy

Paizo Blog: Kineticist Playtest Ending Soon

Wood and Metal: where's the Wuxing?

Aether / Void in Rage of Elements?

What archetypes fit really well with the kineticist class?

Speculation on having 6 elements

NON-KINETICISTS: How do the kineticists in your party make you feel?


Level 5 Kineticist Playtest conclusions

Kineticist Tales

How will you be playtesting?

No blog post?

Tempest and flame oracle support?

Hybrid elements

Big Adapt Element issue!

Elemental Weapon

Simple way to have Burn.

Comprehensive Reviews Thread

Gather Element fels like Playtest Gunslinger reload

Something that actually bugs me out about the class design

Pathfinder Society Playtest

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