Inventor Class

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Official Inventor Class Playtest Post Round-Up

Welcome to the Inventor Class Playtest!

Inventor Thoughts

Was Reverse Engineer incorrect?


Overdrive and reliability

New MAD class with limited race choices

Does the Manipulate trait require a free hand?

Arkus, playtest inventor

Summary of Inventor thoughts!

Subclass Ideas

I'm gonna build some Inventors.

Armor inventor - Pick our pois.. armor

Simple Change ideas to Unstable.

Advanced rangefinder

Animal companion vs construct

Projectile launcher

Spellcasting influence on a unstable actions.

Condensed Plaguestone Playtest: Construct Companions Have it Rough

Swordchucks! Finally! Who's with me?!

It feels weird that the inventor can add traits to their weapons but have no special ways to take advantage of them.

Unstable + Crafting check

Inventor playtest review

Unstable and INT as a Primary - Solving two things at once

Starting with a large construct companion via alternate base option?

Unstable Redundancies considerations

Playtest experience with inventor combat

Friendly fire concerns

Disappointed with non-construct initial innovation options

Why is reach on a weapon innovation not available until 17th level?

Inventor - My thoughts and suggestions

Armor with armor specialization?

Searing Restoration

Construct minion and item bonuses

Breakthrough Construct Modifications (Advanced Weaponry - Complex Simplicity) question

The Inventor doesn't really feel like an Inventor to me.

Gunblades and Inventors

Choices for explosion damage (and potentially other base damages)

Gadget Familiar Ideas!

You’re not after something as banal as simply winning a fight, you’re collecting valuable data to improve your creations!

Intelligence as Key Ability Score

Packing an Oozy

Level 1-2 Inventor playtest experience

Reconfigure DC?

Failure, RNG, and a way to solve it.

Ideas for additional construct components meant purely for flavour?

Big projects for Inventors

A Change to Unstable

Lvl 3 Inventor playing PFS 1-14 Lions of Katapesh

Weapon Innovation Feat Suggestion

Finally a class to surpass the Alchemist

Second innovation

Inventor needs more inventive solutions

Consteuct Companion Support benefit

Add shield as an option


Natural evolution

Fighter Scaling for Crafting Profiency


Can we get some "Defender" innovations?

Inventor Class HP

Mods / runes etc upgrades

Overdrive + Unstable

Weapon innovation ranged only modifications?

Knock back strike seems odd

Reconfigure question

Minor inventor actual play feedback

Level 1 PFS Inventor playtest

Repairing my pet

Inventor Game 1 - Level 10 Party of 5 vs Homebrew Extreme Encounter.

Blowguns and Damage Die Steps

Patchwork Turret - Level 1 feat idea

Gadget Improvisation, and more versatility

Multiple alloy's and resistance

Using your own attack proficiency for Construct Innovation?

Share your inventor builds


Finally a good new class

Modification Crossover

This class feels very gimmicky

Construct as a tank?

Breakthroughs - Earlier, More Often

A prosthetic innovation?

Explode Modification suggestion

Cool Armor innovation ideas!

Using higher level basic gear

Thoughts on Inventory Armor Innovation

Potential Playtest mistake / misprint: Inventor Feat 2 - Kickback Strike

Integrated Gauntlet question

Offensive Boost + Dual Form weapon

Scatter interactions via weapon innovations

The inventor is cool

There is So Much Agatha Heterodyne In This Class

Innovation invention brainstorm

Unstable repair

Weapon Innovation

Explosion scaling

Armor Innovation

Unstable change suggestion

Wow. - First glance

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