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Guns and Gears Playtest General Discussion

They really nerfed guns from 1st edition

P2E Critical Hit System - Favour Monsters not Plays

Paizo Blog: Guns & Gears Playtest Analysis

Hope we get martial crossbows with this book

Homeblew and playtest

Swashbucklers and Guns & Gears

Thoughts on scattershot

Versatile trait makes no sense?

A little something I'll throw one of my players on Sunday

Paizo Blog: Guns & Gear Playtest Ending Soon

Redefining the splash trait

A pair of Gunslingers and Inventors vs We Be Zombies

Question about reloading a two handed firearm and hands after the action.

Alkenstar Murders: Playtest with VTT Screenshots. LvL 8-9

Firearms and all about it

Quick Level 7 Playtest

Guns and gears product discussion?

Playtest Results: Player Impressions and Personal opinion (level 10)

Problem with Guns in Heroic Fantasy

Firearms work underwater?

How to find the surveys

Joerg Sprave (Slingshot Channel) as Inspiration for Advanced Crossbow?

Twisted Metal - Level 7 Weapon Inventor, Armor Inventor, and Drifter Gunslinger

Thoughts on the Gunslinger after fighting Oozes at level 5

Playtest Results: First Impressions (level 3)

I ran a playtest at level 20 and here are the results

Playtest Feedback Level 10

Some gun and gunslinger math

Bring back alchemical ammunition

Drifter Gunslinger and Armor Inventor

The biggest problem with dual wielding

I say rather than rings, we need a bandoleer.


Suggestion: Spellslinger Archetype

crossbows vs firearms fighters vs Gunslingers

something we're all not focusing on.... the rest of guns & gears beyond the classes

Character sheets

GM notes on play test session

Need help before playtesting with my group

With the release of G&G every Class on Golarion will know how to use firearms, except for Wizards.

How do size increases (Firearm Ace) interact with Fatal?

Dragon Pistol

Thundering / shocking / frost / flaming + Blunderbuss

Merge Misfire and Unstable in a general Reliability rule


Different eras of firearms

Post your playtest characters!


Higher Level Firearms

Early thoughts on these two classes

Round ammunition interchangeable?

Wish I could play these...

Release date?

Guns and Gears

Multiclassing Into Gunslinger or Inventor

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