Thaumaturge Class

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Behold the Unknown!: Welcome to the Thaumaturge Playtest

Official Thaumaturge Class Playtest Feedback Thread

Isn't Thaumaturge name bit problematic both on thematic and cultural perspective?

Familiar Implement?

Thaumaturge and Recall Knowledge

Popular Thaumaturges in Media

Find Flaws and Battle Assessment

Thaumaturge and implements

Find Flaws and Forensic Acumen

Recall Knowledge DCs by Rarity Data

The Survey and Spellcasting

How do Aditional Knowledge DCs scale vs groups of the same type?

If the thaumaturge uses charisma why isn't it a spellcaster.

Thaumaturge by the Numbers: A Numerical Cross-Class Comparison

Implementing Options

A very limited Thaumaturge playtest

Esoteric Antithesis as a Toolbox rather than a Damage Booster

How About an Expansion on Spellcasting Items

Advice for Posting My Playtest / Analysis

Thaumaturge Analysis (and Minor Playtest Experience)

Any standout items or tools?

One More Activation and Wands

Quid's Thaumaturge Thread

Charisma, Creativity, and Sympathetic Magic

Scroll Esoterica?

Requesting Easy Implement Swap

Questions about Draw Warding Circle

"and then I faked it" - the Thaumaturge's theme problem.

The Case for Wisdom Thaumaturge

Bring me your builds!

Wand Implement

Latnern implement: Can we have the lantern effect?

Thaumaturge Feat Chart

Multiple of the same foes?

Charisma and Skills

Is Modularity the Thaumaturge's "Thing"?

I Am the Universe, Convince Me: 101 Thaumaturge Connections

combing Antithesis and Implment empowerment. ?

My Little Thaumaturge - Malarky is Magic

Playtest Analysis from a Careful Readthrough: the Thaumaturge.

Playtest: PFS #2-14 Lost in Flames

Our Gnome Thaumaturge at war (lvl1 playtest)

Possible fix to Find Flaws / Esoteric Antithesis

Twin Weakness with Weapon implement and empty hand?

Concerned about feats

My Playtest Experiences

Thaumaturge doesn't work with Hand Crossbow / Air Repeater

Implements and Esoteric Antithesis

Play test session feedback - Thauma / fighter tanks spider and lives

A little confused with Scroll Thaumaturgy

Esoteric Antithesis damage.

Weird Interactions With Dedications - Thaumaturge

Thaumaturge playtest round 1

Is it just me

10th-Level Dark Archive Playtest

Knowledge Akashic

At the Mountains of MAD-ness

Stowing / Drawing Items Action Economy

Why is One More Activation a lvl 4 feat?

Thaumaturge concepts

Implement's Empowerment.

Why Find Flaws shouldn't be Recall Knowledge

Can a Thaumaturge use a bow?

Would it be better if Find Flaws didn't reference Recall Knowledge?

Esoteric Antithesis - Can we please have something easier to say?

Thaumaturges are potentially able to permanently lose 5 features

Improving and Customizing Implements

Tweaks to the Thaumaturge

Anyone make a "Tool user"?

Weaknesses that aren't weaknesses

Zwordsman Playtest result thread

Thaumaturge Simulator

shield sconce and lantern implement

Case for the implement thaumaturge

Aha! Moment - I May Have Cracked the Thaumaturge

Making Find Flaws and Esoteric Antithesis line up in flavor and mechanics.

Implements and the rule of three

Thaumaturge's rough edges

Fling Magic: is NOT a spell and not a ranged attack. It doesn't provoke reactions? Is this intended?

Ideas for Class Feats

Occultism ties to every thing instead?

Thaumaturge: An Esoteric Analysis (Initial Thoughts)

Thaumaturge's Amulet and Champion's Reaction

Designing the last 4 Implements

What is it you do here?

Eating the inquisitor's lunch

Charisma needs more uses

Who is John Constantine?

All Thaumaturges are occult characters in disguise.

On Pacts

"Find flaws" needs a static RK DC

Fling Magic Damage Types

I have no skills to call my own (Generalist vs Specialist)

Why not int- or wis-based?

Current stressers with Find Flaws

Esoteric Antithesis or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Story

What is this, a collection for ANTS?!?

Intense implement as it is should be baked into Implement Mastery

Feat idea or implement idea

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