Psychic Class

Multifaceted Psyche level 18 or 20?

Suggestion to slightly soften the Psychic's restriction for Refocusing 2 Focus Points

Slight Amp confusion

Initial Psychic impressions

Psychic's proficiency with Perception never goes above Trained

Silent Whisper's Nudge Intent Cantrip

Arrest Trajectory doesn't live up to its name

Psychic Ability Names

Head Explode Feat

The Psychic begins with six cantrips?

Interrupted Nudge Intent

Heightened (+2) is not great on cantrips!

Genetic Amp Options?

Damaging Cantrips Discussion

My initial impressions of the Psychic after playing a ton of psychic casters in 1e.

More Psychic Cantrips options

Focus point metamagic?

Unleash Focused Intent should be changed or replaced

More Conscious Mind ideas?

Subtle psionics

My Initial Psychic Impressions

Int-based penalties seem much harsher

Direct mechanical comparison between Psychic and Bard

Amp'ed Mage Hand

Psychic = / = Psion

First Impression Cantrips changes suggestions

1st Level Psychic Feats

Psychic feat discussion

Spell slots and spells known vs. chassis

Unique Surface Psi Cantrip Discussion

Amps versus Unleash Psyche

Silent Whisper Message on a Ready action

Infinite Eye Detect Magic amped effect can be always triggered

Silent Whisper Daze critical success doesn't work

Spontaneous Ignition on Telekinetic Rend

Woe be those who underestimate the Infinite Eye!

I love how you played with focus points with this class

Unintentional Incompatibility? Or did Paizo foresee only 1 future where they won?

The Psychic Feels Weak and Boring

A moderately deep dive of the psychic class core (and a couple feats)

Do you think Unleashed Focused Intent is Balanced or Backwards?

Make psychic into a ranged wave caster

Keeping Track Of Turns

Daze is not a good base for a Psi Cantrip

Unleash the Unknown: Wecome to the Psychic Playtest

Psychic Rework - Idea

How the Psychic Walks so the Kineticist will Run

Mental Scan aid - what is used for the aid check?

Quid's Psychic Thread

My Short Review of the Psychic

What does a Psychic do outside of combat?

Questin Razzlemir (1e Psychic Reborn, Play Test Experience)

Unleash Reflexive Sustainment feels off to me

Looking at the Unleash options

My experience playing healer / support with a Psychic, a playtest report

Other ideas

How come no Wisdom-based Unconscious Mind?

Deepest Wellspring Level 18 Class Feat

10th-Level Dark Archive Playtest

The Poet (or why I think Psychic resembles pf1 class design instead of pf2)

The death of the Mesmerist?

An idea on how to make the psychics cantrip spamming more interesting to play

Looking at the Amp Feats

Constant Levitation Mechanically Underwhelming at Level 16

Amped Up

A careful readthrough of the Psychic

Fixing the psychic

Unleash Focused Intent + Magic Missile

Automatic Telekinesis rework

Concerns about Focus point cost to Amp a Cantrip

Psychic's slots and incapacitation issues.

No Perception Proficiency Improvement?

Is Un-amp'd Message a "Beneficial Spell"?

Visual and Auditory Manifestations

new spell trickster archetype from grand bazaar

Unleashing Unleash Psyche

Power level of amps

Yet another Sorcerer

Psychics, the Somatic component, and limbs

Mental Stances, Mental Rage

Change focus and amps

Psychic Impressions - a faint trace, a sharp ringing.

Partial playtest level 1 psychic

Too Mqny Good Ideas

Feels Bad Class Features

2nd Level Playtest, but Also Not

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