Witch Playtest

Let's get witchy!

The great divine witch debate

Coven is terrible (and a replacement for Cackle).

Why can't witches choose the divine tradition?

So Patrons do nothing mechanically?

Hexes: Is Focus + 1 / target / day too restrictive?

Witches With No Familiars

A Somewhat Extreme Possibility-

All witches should be able to turn people into frogs

Witch Lesson Skills

The Witch has Trap Feats?

Some Witch Issues and Potential minor Reworks

Should the Witch be Intelligence based or Wisdom Based?

Cackle? Please don't make me.

Life Boost and the Efficiency of Healing Focus

Arcane is a weak tie to witch flavour. Suggest dropping and empahasing witch duality

Idea for replacement to Cackle.

Witch as the Familiar Class (Some Ideas)

Swamp witch is a little restrictive.

Minor nitpick about Nudge Fate wording

What sets Witches apart from other casters:

Revised Witch Playtest suggestion

Should 24 hour hex immunity be changed to until your next daily preparations?

What if Witch is a ritual caster, it is the familiar casting the 6 seconds spells?

3 Design Paths for Patrons

PF1 Witch playstyle was fun for me, PF2 witch can't reproduce, was there something wrong with it?

Why is witch its own class?

Draw Boundary

No more unfair terminations! (Leshy Familiar feat)

The Witch is too specific, and should be a broader thematically

What is Cackle supposed to do?

Witches should not snicker! No snickering witches!

Witch should be inspired by the bard

Witch dedication

Living Hair

What is the point of Nails?

Let's talk about hex

I think we're gonna need a bigger set of familiar abilities.

What is the point of Nails?

Unique Witch Patrons Ideas

Witch potential errata

Witch first glance slight adjustment I would love

Hoping that the flight hex makes a return

Familiars and Learn a Spell

Been waiting a long time for this one

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