Swashbuckler Playtest

Welcome to the Swashbuckler Playtest Subforum! (Also Clarifications)

Please Add Some Synergy with the Aldori Duelist

Swashbuckler thoughts

Why limit which skills swashbucklers can use to gain panache?

In depth thoughts on swashbuckler

Impaling Finish

Precise Strike Wording

Vivacious Bravado counterintuitive to the class?

Why is swashbuckler its own class?

Concern about Gymnast Swashbuckler's

Attack Routine

Rogue Thief vs Swashbuckler as the Dex-Based Meleer

Gymnast Finisher

Can you Intimidate the Intimidated?

Needs variable key ability and a style that supports disarm.

What are the new Swashbuckler-friendly weapons?

Acrobatics for initiative ?

Swashbuckler First Impressions (Combat Testing)

Impaling Finisher and MAP

Do Swashbuckler Styles need a little equalizing?

Parry vs Buckler feats redundant?

Agile but not finesse, feasible?

Retort - Missing some options

Buckle My Swash - My new favorite class!

Errata or did i miss something?

Bleeding Finisher clarification

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