Oracle Playtest

Welcome to the oracle playtest!

Oracle too player / party unfriendly?

Why not play a divine sorcerer?

Oracle Design Seems A Little Off

Oracle with focus points

Thoughts on a few possible class features for the Oracle

Oracle Iconic

Oracle spellcasting

Oracle's Curse(Burden)

Revised Oracle Playtest suggestion

Oracle Multiclass Bard: What Makes a Revelation Spell, or How To Get Screwed By A Cantrip

Flame oracle in Fall of Plaguestone

Flame Mystery Master Reflex saves

Isn't Flaming Fusillade weaker than lower flame mystery revelations?

A Healer's Concerns

What actually is an Oracle.

Feat / Revelation Spell level mismatch?

Life Mystery (Major Curse)

Is Mystery Conduit Kinda Really Bad, or...?

Oracle Suggestion

What does Ethereal Sight actually do?

Why is oracle its own class?

Oracle Playtest Builds Thread

Quick Question about Battle Oracle's Major Curse

Revelation spells - An extra & one misnamed?

Spells per day errata

Call ti Arms should probably be a free action.

Halfling keen eyes and flame oracle

Trying to recreate the feel of a Rage Prophet

Death Domain Focus Spell

Overal Intial Thoughts

Battle Oracle's cantrip doesn't do anything.

Curse of the Hero’s Burden, level 1

Don't like the curse word.

Blaze of Revelation

Oracle Typos and Minor Errata


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