Investigator Playtest

The Game is Afoot!

Investigator Combat Options

Why 8 skills?

Forensic Medicine Investigator

Should the investigator be a rogue racket instead?

Alchemical Sciences Subclass. Why?

Take the Case and Study

Investigator combat options feel lacking

On Investigators and Wisdom

Why Does Study Suspect Involve A Perception Check?

What does the Investigator use Intelligence for?

Keen Recollection

Why only elixirs?

Making investigator more unique.

Why is investigator its own class?

Investigator Thoughts and Confusion

Making an investigator, 1-20

Any chance I can talk about the Ranger here?

On-Scene Investigator Vaguery

Does Underworld Investigator do anything?

The Case of the Missing Sword... Cane

Investigators are neat! Investigator-Alchemist

Study Subject "duration"

1st impressions for Investigator (general and specific)

Investigative field errata

On going request / observations

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