Advanced Player’s Guide Playtest General Discussion

Paizo Blog: Welcome to the Advanced Player’s Guide Playtest!

Playtest Retrospective Summary

Other potential classes?

Paizo Blog: Last Week of the Playtest!

[Playtest] Fall of Plaguestone

[Playtest] So I played a high level witch...

APG Luck Mechanic For All Four Classes

New Ancestries for Advanced Player's Guide?

Future playtesting of non-classiness?

Brew Bird's Playtesting Notes

The Next Step

[Playtest] Fall of Plaguestone

[Playtest] Improv Session

Character sheet that is not Hero Lab Online

Incongruities of single-target specialties: the emergence of playtest martial outlying issues during high level bossfight conditions

Witches Cackle & Sustain a Spell clarification?

Witch Subclasses?

Could we get some stats for the Sword Cane?

Investigator Playtest Wishes and Expectations

Why is ______ its own class?

Witch and Oracle are sort of inversed

Some thoughts after GMing a PFS scenario with lv4 playtest characters

Idea for a more aestheticly fitting investigator ability

My group just did a stream of the Playtest Characters

Witch Playtest Expectations and Hopes

Playtest survey for GMs?

[Level 10] The Frozen Oath

Multiclass Archetype Playtesting?

Witch Swashbuckler playtest funny thought

What about Sorcerer?

multiclass dedication feats

Typos / Errors in Playtest Document

So what will the new Investigator look like?

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