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Slowed after Unconscious 1.3

Fighting while swimming

MAP reset by non-attack action

Treat Wounds: Great job Paizo. Where from here?

Ditching Imperial & Fahrenheit

Animal companions, familiars, and 0 hit points

Can Rituals Be Stopped Before Completion?

Infusions for Aether seems to suck at low level

A Request for Counteracting Condition Examples

Request: Combat Manuevers Referenced in Basic Actions

Persistent Damage is very rough

Leap of Faith

Moving a creature who is grabbed

Initiative Change At Unconciousness

Treat Wounds fixed daily healing... what about the same for spell slots?

Encumbered stacking with armor penalty?

PF2 Combat Maneuvers Discussion

Stealth, invisibility, and silence

Wizard Identifying Spells

Getting an item

Snares - Useless?

Encumbered Doesn't Apply to Padded or Leather

Question: definition of threatening?

Small piddly circumstance bonuses being so widespread is bad for the game.

Shield Mechanics, how do they actually work?

Screening and Cover

Multiple Weapons, MAP, and Agile

"Mount" - Why so limited?

Proficiency vs Level Bonus

Easy Recovery Saving Throws (...and something very wrong!!!)

When do you find out about an enemy's ability to AoO?

Enfeeble and Spell Damage Rolls

Meaningful character advancement and Proficiency

Four Free Ability Boosts could use tighter language.

Critically failing attacks

Yolande d'Bar's Simple Tweaks for Death & Dying

Does invisible have a stealth bonus?

Confused about Shield Block

Enfeeble and Damage Rolls

A modest proposal: Full heal after combat

Unconscious still better than asleep

What is the point of the Assist action?


Flurry of Blows and the Ready action

Paladin's Retributive Strike vs. Wight's Final Strike

If you lack both the Ride feat and an animal companion mount, you cannot travel on a mount overland for more than 10 minutes

Timing for "targeted by" reactions

Blindness and sneak attack interaction

If an action ".. does not trigger reactions", does that include Readied actions?

Is breaking mundane objects too easy?

Heavy Steel Shield

Enfeebled, Sluggish, STR & DEX based attacks

Use Parry from a Bo Staff without Proficiency?

My biggest problems with the system right now

Sneak Attack and Spells

Do exploration mode tactics supersede dice rolls?

Is persistent damage multiplied on a crit?

As written, Clerics are better off using component pouch that a holy symbol

Light and dim light.

A Dissenting View on 'Lean Math' Complaints.

Is there something similar to Fight Defensively or Dodge in PF2 Playtest?

How the heck does persistent damage work?

[Falling] No way for a falling flier to stop mid-air?

Natural Medicine: try again or not?

Best free web Resources to playtest

To persuade or not to persuade

Does Double Slice work on thrown strikes?

How exactly do the rules for afflictions and multiple exposures work?

Please make 3D either fully explicit or fully abstract, not half each.

Fatal and "damage on a crit"

Narg's Weapon Shup, episode 2

Exploration and social tactics an extremely janky, nonsensical, and problematic mechanic.

Proficiency increases should give non-numerical upgrades too

Readying a "standard" two-action spell?

Flanking rules are silly without universal AoO

Question about heightened powers

Ready Activity Should Grant an Additional Reaction

Has the dying errata made things a little too easy?

Two-handed Weapons and Spellcasting

Triggering weakness more than once on a strike: Holy rune on Blade of Justice

Slings and Alchemists

The rules for resting and daily preparations seem broken and overpowered, especially for spellcasters

Multiple Attack Penalty and Spells

No surprise round?

The multi-attack penalty needs to interact with spells

Persistent damage actions and continuation

Contradiction in new dying rules

Do we still need nat 20s / 1s to be special?

Aiding and Rolling Better Than Primary Check

Action system, simplicity, quantum physics?

Narg's Weapon Shup, episode 1

If your Perception is high then setting an ambush is a bad idea

"Can't be crit" vs "critical fail"

Stamina / Resolve of Starfinder could resolve the Resonance issue

Is weakness doubled on a critical hit?

Percentile dice gone?

A unicorn's perspective on the +1 to everything, or I think I am starting to get it.

Paladin / Cleric of Irori and unarmed attacks question

Proficiency and relative success rate

Could some regional languages be common?

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