Skills, Feats, Equipment & Spells

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Gated Class Feats? Hell, yeah!

Magical weapons in PF2 are actually magical.

Shields are too easily destroyed.

Assurance as a feat is terrible

On Vancian casting

Reason why damage on magic items bothers me

Notable spell changes - game changers?

Cantrips underwhelming

Why is Volley?

Access to +Dex to Damage

Skill Gating - Common Misconceptions about Skill Proficiency.

Skills Don't make sense

Please nerf Create Water & Create Food and Goodberry

Captain Morgan's Revised Skill Feats

I am not pleased with the weapon or armor tables

Well since y'all like Feats so much, how about Weapon Feats?

Proficiency - Why start at -4

Apparently, shields really are worthless, according to Paizo's clarification

Armor / (low level)Treasure tables make no sense

Alchemist Issues

The 'problem' with CLW wand spam

Potential spell errors and balance concerns

Power Attack

Crossbows / Slings vs Composite Bows

Craft... everything??

Signature Skills starting Proficiency

More historically accurate armor

It's a trap!

"Lore" simply recreates the "Knowledge" problem.

heightened spells should be equal in power to spells that start at that level

Skill T / E / M / L Problems: 4 Options

Why is occultism not charisma based?

The problem with Heavy Armor in 2e.

Footprints are a myth

Shields and Dents

Suggestion re: the Ranger's Hunt Target and Double Slice

SIgnature Skill Rules don't work / limit character options

Cover Tracks - What is the practical benefit of this skill?

Abolish the Acrobatics Skill

How do you identify monster in playtest?

So it takes 1 hour to identify even 1 potion?

Skills can still be dumped

I Wish Classes Essentially Got Class Feats at Every Level

Taking almost any feat multiple times

Automatic success means you can't ever leave a prisoner alone

Burn It interaction with Summon Monster

Uminpressive spells

Intimidate Issues

Why are Handwraps of Mighty Fists invested?

Armor should function as Damage Reduction

Double Slice should not be nerfed- plus math

Buff Intelligence

The DC chart is a bit of a trap.

Hot take of the day: Skills shouldn't scale with level. At all.

Issues with Heavy Armor

Lockpicking success rate

In Golarion, everyone has a 5% chance, every so often, of being fired from their job and being shamed in their community

Why is Dispel Magic a 3rd level spell, and why is it a spell at all?

Premature Theorycrafting of Focus Rules

Animal Companions - More AC please

Lack of Universal “Take 10” and “Take 20” Rules slow down the game

Somebody moved my cheese: quality-of-life spells.

Alternative to Skill Assurance

Ranged weapon changes- Feedback please!

Two-weapon fighting is technically impossible

Why is the bastard sword piercing only?

Belt Pouch capacity ?

What is the goal of the new skill system?

Full Plate is just mechanically bad - Can we get a Dev response?

Lore: Recall Knowledge Untrained

Battle Medic and Low Level Healing


Armor - Paizo, these numbers are incorrect.

Nat 1 and 20 on skills

Is it feasible to even learn direct damage spells any longer?

Aren't we missing a rule to detect / diagnose disease / poison ???

The (dancing) Elephant in the Room: Performance.

Fighters should not have feats

Unarmored Proficiency

getting a signature skill

How I'm using UTEML and why I love the concept

Would it be bad it Aid Another just took highest roll?

Weapon Surge question

Skill feats are disappointing at 4th level and above

Am I missing something about healing from Sleeping and Treat Wounds?

"Your Tuba falls over on the Ogre and Kills him."

Hot Take: Combat Maneuvers shouldn't suffer multiple attack penalties.

Can Katanas finally be finesse weapons?

The worrisome downgrade of the new Stealth skill.

Unarmored proficiency for monks only?

Trickle down Alchemy Economics

Current skill system extremly static and boring! Solution Talent instead of Ability affect skill!

A Simple Craft (what alchemists, rogues, and rangers wait for)

Cure Wounds alternative idea

If you lack both the Ride feat and an animal companion mount, you cannot travel on a mount overland for more than 10 minutes

True Strike now king of spells

I see no reason whatsoever to bother with composite bows

Spell list formatting (or lack thereof)

Bastard Swords just don't "cut" it

Scaling Skill Feats: A Catfall for each skill

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