Skills, Feats, Equipment & Spells

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Why are ancestry feats not organized by level?

Animal Form Static Bonuses

Number of trained skills still based off Int?

Spell Points Missing?

Missing Spell Descriptors

What are the rules for starting with magic items, such as level 4 Bracers of Armor

Gaining previous class feats

What is the DC to Handle an Animal?

Sorcerers should have an option for innate Resonance expenditure

The pirate archetype seems too situational even in Skull & Shackles

Confused about magical weapons

Unarmored proficiency for monks only?

Handle an Animal DC missing?

Telekinetic Projectile typo / error?

Close Match looks very limited

Performance is too niche for anything but bards

Geas - not for Druids?

Stat Boost Items...

Equipment packs?

Equipment & Bulk

How does foragers feat work if you are untrained in survival? (Scout Background)

Athletics' High Jump, Trip, and Disarm could use some upgrades

Secret skill rolls seem sketchy

Typo: Dire Rat = Giant Rat?

General Character Creation Questions

Cognitive Mutagen

How does spell heightening work

Proficiency being added to AC / TAC?

The Avatar State

About Item Damage part,i have some question

Armor should have no speed and skill penalties

Is there a general rule about feats not being selectable more than once?

Ranged weapons seem fairly bad in this game

Student of Canon

Save DC, e.g. Reflex DC

Shield circumstance bonuses really need to stack with other circumstance bonuses, such as cover

The worrisome downgrade of the new Stealth skill.

Cleric Archetype Basic Dogma

The Triumphant Return of the Ten Foot Pole!

Happy stick 2.0 or The Feat all should take?

Monster Identification

What skill should I pick?

Crafting is hawt.

Full Plate Level 2?

Can we have wealth by level?

Some Athletics actions need improvement

Monk's "Powerful Fist" only apply to fists?

Question on spell failure

Skill proficiency and level scaling

What its the process for grapple, sunder, bull rush or are they just gone?

Please include spell summaries in the spell list

Spontaneous Heightening should be supplemented with undercasting

Enervation (the condition)

The Society skill

My Only Major Complaint with PF2 (plus a heap of praise)

Advanced Dogma error

Intimidate Skill

Separate Powers from Spells

getting a signature skill

Why is equipment listed in SP in Chapter 6, but in GP everywhere else?

Spell levels vs character level vs feat level vs monster level

Question Regarding Inspire Courage

Issues with feats and character building

How many 10th level spells can a sorceror know?

Remarkable Resonance for alchemists

Dagger... doesn't have the "Backstabber" trait.


Guard Dog

Proficiency bonus and how to change it?

A Request to Stop Calling Everything Feats


Divine Ward - need some clarity

Orc Weapon familiarity

The Grappling Hook Description / Mechanics are Missing

Background Feats and Sunk Cost

Out with General Feats, in with Archetypes

Invert Operate Activation "no cost" with Operate Activation "1 Resonance point"

Tools are too heavy.

Armor Item Bonus Doesn’t Stack With Shield Item Bonus


Everything is a feat?!?

Is Fleet a non-skill general feat, or a skill general feat?

The wordings of Corrosive, Flaming, Frost, and Shock are inconsistent and confusing

Forget Fighting Monsters; the True Challenge is Climbing

Weapon tables


Knowledge - monsters seriously, seriously nerfed

Light Crossbow not listed in Weapon List

Battle Medic Grants Virtually Unlimited Healing?

Casting in Armor

How to Target a Wall

Substituting for Ancestry or Class feats?

Can I wear 10 rings and two sets of goggles?

There's no way to get Dex to damage as a Monk (or any non-Rogue class), correct?

Flying Kick

What happened to the cure spells in new version

Missing Spell

What is the logic behind uncommon and rare spells?

What is the point of using Acid Splash or Telekinetic Projectile over a better damage cantrip like Electric Arc, Produce Flame, or Ray of Frost?

Knowledge checks

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