Skills, Feats, Equipment & Spells

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Darkness vs light

Polymorph familiar

Goliath Druid Question

Gnome Wizard with Pyromaniac and Produce Flame

Summoning Weird Situations

Healing potion Feat Question

Clarification of amount of spells one can have and cantrips

GMs, Help! Spell Durations & Death

Rifle with integrated weapon.

Help with Feat and Ability Plan for a Kineticist

Wilding Druid (With Archetype)

Instant Armor spell + Fortified Armor Training feat

Vanguard Hustle doesnt make sense to me but id like to use it

Ki leech. Does every living kreature have Ki points ? or are there exceptions ?

Dinosaur Form mistake?

"You can use staves, but only for spells of a spell level you can cast." Dedication Qs.

Worg cohort help

Phantom Steed questions

Rough rider feat

Grapple vs Fortitude?

Treat Wounds and a potential new 'Treated' Condition

[Multi-class feats] A thought for getting to the best multi-class feats

Questions and thoughts about Crafting Formulas

Dimension Door No Longer Reveals Turns: Hurray!

Are natural melee attacks considered unarmed attacks?

Gaseous Form and grabs / restrains

Lockewood's Helpful Hints!: What we can learn about Skill Feats from the Core Rogue

Combat Style Accessibility

ability drain and damage lacking

Detect Alignment Text vs Table

Shapechange Phrasing for Druids

Weapon Familiarity Suggestion

That Customization Piece (General Feats and Proficiency Limitations)

Telekinetic Haul on attended objects?

Extra tag for some magic items

Magic ammo in the magic item section

Please consider revising Diehard feat to Conscious and Slowed while Dying.

Why Channel Smite (Negative) has the evil trait?

Bind Undead - No save?

Simplified 10.2

suggestion for spells that give natural attacks and handwraps

Concentration the Trait and Concentrate on a spell

Shrink Spell

Formatting Suggestion: Spell Cards

More Non-combat spells - a suggestion / request

How many actions?

Admixture School

Commanding Lash domain power

Magic Weapons

Random thought:I miss BodyGuard feat

Using the Mage Armor spell to become proficient in any other armor.

The old problem with effects "centered on" is still here

Exploration / Downtime Tasks using 10-2 and 4-4

Breath of Life - outdated description?


Wording on rituals

Thunder shield


Scaling Craft / Income to Item Price

Scaling Hazards to PCs

Smoothing Table 10-2 to include Trivial Checks

Combat Grab

Demon Armor "Deadly" Trait Missing a Die Size

Specific Spell Questions and thoughts (super long)

Thoughts and questions about general and skill feats

Crafting things

Cavalier Mounts

An idea for shield block: a chance to block riders

Cat's Eye Elixir in Treasure Price Descrepency

Trained and Bonded Animals and their number of actions

Wording in false vision

Enlarge person and heighten

Suggested rework for Crafting

Bombs. Fighter groups. Fighters more proficient than alchs?

Armor in general

Page 3 Errata error

What is with Remarkable Resonance?

Critically failing Recall Knowledge in a published module

Concentration and Unconscious

elixer of life

Spells and the hostility clause

Clarification on caltrops

What actually counts as a "spell effect" for the purposes of, say, Dispel Magic?

Crafting mundane weapons

Please remove prerequisites for the Skill Training feat.

Feat rank names

Jump checks linear or exponential? + random musing about skills.

Weapon proficiencies and the simple-martial-exotic split

Expert Wizard Spellcasting typo

Table 4.2 and Identify Magic

Different option to make skill specialization matter

Item Slot Woes

Summon Nature's Ally needs more plant creatures for Leaf Order Druids

Low spell selection for diviners and abjurers

The summon list seems quite weak at high levels

Ritual DCs

Armour traits


If you hit Int 14 after level 1, do you still get to know another language?

Summon Monster / Natures Ally fix

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