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Playing as a Wizard help coming from AD&D

One thing that needs to be changed in a class, in your opinion

Clerics are badly falling short.....

An Analysis of the 1.6 Paladin Variants

Witch Hunter needs a buff.

Monk saves are weird.

Detailed Druid Feedback

The sorcerer is a good opportunity to make a spell point caster in contrast to Wizard / Cleric / Druid Arcanist casting

Cleric Domains; In depth review.

Wild druids dont get to pick a form?

Sorc / Devoted Monk Question

Ways for the Alchemist to heal

[Druid] Handle Animal to Command Animal Companion?

Shaman / hexcaster magus

Leaf Order Druid´s powers are too situational

Quick Draw and Reload 1 Weapons

Kineticist Homebrew (2nd Edition Playtest)

Sorcerer Bloodline Heightening should not cost a feat.

Combat Flexibility shouldn't be a core fighter ability

Sorcerer Aberrant Bloodline

Barbarian's animal totem

Paladins Reaction and the issues I have with it.

Goblin best suited for?

Channel change to Clerics and why it hurts the class

Wild Shape Druids - Adding Spice Beyond Wings

Where does the Caster Druid stand?

Fighter Identity (if any)

Druid wild shape pool and spell point pools

Trying to build an Investigator

Front line Cleric vs Fighter vs Barbarian

Alchemist review

Reasonable Limitation of Quick Preparation

Rogue Question

Multiclass Feats

Barbarians - Round 2 is too soon for a lullaby Black Widow!

Barbarian Feat: Giant's Stature

A (maybe useless) idea to give more identity to wizard and magical traditions

Could we give Paladin and Barbarian Con as a key ability score option?

Taking a look at the Division of Niches for Wizards and Sorcerers

Alchemist Bomber Uncanny Bombs Question

Multi-class lacking updates in 1.6

Why Do Druids Not Like Metal Armor and Does It Even Matter?

A suggested Sorcerer reconcept.

Spell Combination: How does it work?

universalist wizard errata question

Tweaks to Paladin Feats

1.6 Paladin Change is a good start

Updated Alchemist and Alchemist Dedication

Barbarian Rage Fatigue Questions.

Some thoughts on the 1.6 Paladin

Righteous Ally Question

Wizards with School Proficiencies

thoughts on class changes

What if the Paladin could move to land Retributive Strike?

A few things about Paladins (reaction feats and netural alignments and name change).

"Paladins" of the future and Inquisitors of the past

Paladin: Retributive Strike should not be tied to alignment

Wall Run should probably lose the action icon.

1.6 Paladin Mighty Aura Question

Alchemy and the 1.6 Update

So some Pally's As of 1.6 can Never Lie Whatsoever

Brute Rogues and Weapon Familiarity

Alchemist changes 1st imprssions: Perpetual Infusions is a joke, right?

A Suggested Change to 1.6 Barbarian Rage

Alchemist: finding the right mix

Cleric Feats and Leveling

Mutagens Only available to Mutagenist Field Study now as of 1.6?

Turning the Bard back into a Dabbler?

Cleric is too strong, Cleric is too weak. A lopsided issue

Clarification of stance changes

Question About Come and Get Me (Barbarian)

Has monk been altered meaningfully so far for the playtest? (not currently able to download / check books for several days)

Does Potent Poisoner still do anything?

You can rage after you attack or take damage, rage ends after you do not attack or take damage in a round

Nitpicks about clerics

There's a problem with the timing of ranger abilities

Liberator paladins are problematic, and also, Channel Life is one of the strongest feats ever for paladins and paladin-multiclassers

Rogue - Trickster Ace

Actually Make the Sorcerer Different

Possible error in Ranger's Incredible Companion feat

Diviner Wizard Bonus Spells

To those Paladins left behind... So long, until we see each other down the road...

Class Feat diversity and Class Feat amount on caster classes

Is a rogues target still flatfooted after first attack of a double slice?

Does element damage on Dragon Claws power increase?

Dragon Sorcerer Dragon Claw Feature Damage Dice

When do you think the Alchemist is going to be fixed or overhauled?

Monks and shields

Redesigning the Paladin (A Suggestion)

What "Style" Archetypes should be in the Core Rulebook? Stalwart Defender? Arcane Trickster? Dinosaur Fort? Summoner? Tactician?

Rogue getting a little too much attention?

Changes to Class Feats and Archetypes

Please Consider the Dappler. The Multiclass Base Class

Suggestion: the shoggoth totem

Paladin Tweak: Warded Touch and Champion Powers

I'm I the only one taken aback by Rogues getting double the number of Skill Feats?

Dual wielding Barbarian

Healers and support characters, equal or equitable please.

Versatile Performance ambiguity

Druid Wild Order Fixes

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