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Please consider Feint for Alchemist Bombs. Because this vial is filled with the deadliest acid known!!!

Cleric is too strong, Cleric is too weak. A lopsided issue

Really disappointed with the Alchemist Changes. Literally almost nothing was done.

kineticist elemental whisper (familiar) wild talent: need clarification

Alchemist Idea

Blade of Justice

How would infinite Wild Shaping impact things? Could it be balanced by longer transformation time?

Paladin: Angelic Form

class feat selection doubt

need clarification on double slice 0 / 0 / -10(0 / -5 / -5) or 0 / -5 / -10 any devs?

Questions about the barbarian class

Monks with less than 16 Dex are a trap.

Didn't we already have a class based around defense?

Sorcerer Felxibility

Progenitor / Servitor questions.

Animal Totems: Is there a mechanical incentive to pick bear, wolf, or bull totems?

Barbarian Rage and unconsciousness

Rogue Weapon Restrictions Concerns

Special Retributive Strike Testing - Alternatives:

Wizard and his school spell

Ya know, if they ever actually get rid of "Paladins are LG only", I would prefer...

Do Powers gained from Class Feats count as Class Feats / Class Abilities for the purposes of interactions?

Hunted shot and returning magic item?

Dragon Totem: Conflicting Anethema?

Bards: Lingering Performance and Inspire Heroics

Alchemical archery?

Pathfinder 2nd Ranger

Barbarian Damage / Math Question

Versatile Performance-Problems and a Proposal

What if Class features were scaled back or entirely removed?

How does Combine Elixirs work with Update 1.4?

Barbarian Swipe Class Feat

Brute rogues, can they increase Strength?

Implementing a little of story telling inside classes mechanics

Concerns with Alchemist Advanced Alchemy and Quick alchemy

Double Slice: Why add them together?

I Like Rangers and Why


Archer Fighter - Boring?

Actually Make the Sorcerer Different

Could we give Paladin and Barbarian Con as a key ability score option?

Wild shape - Issues with the variety of forms

Why play a devine sorcerer vs the Cleric

power attack feat

Bard's somatic casting replacement and its interaction with spell attacks

Wildshape is pointless unless duration is fixed

Spontaneous Casters Heightening to Higher Level Slots

Redesigning the Paladin (A Suggestion)

Eldritch Archers and Arcane Weapon Enhancenments

Quick Alchemy and Sunrods (etc)

QUESTION: Sorcerer Swapping Out Bloodline Spells?

Paladin Playtest Feedback

Cleric domain powers don't always match their domain.

Handle Animal & Animal Companion

The Barbarian - kinda 'meh', right?

Monks and shields

Familiars are worse than useless

Turn Undead should be buffed and / or standard

Missing - please report if you have seen this feat - Natural Spell

Levels Feeling Sparse: When & Why?

Predator pounce up to your max speed per round?

animal totem+swipe.

Cleric's Align Armament?

Racial Feat & Proficiency

Bards and the lack of choice

Wizard specializations, looking for experienced feeback

General thoughts and questions on archetypes

Question about archetype's level 4 basic 'insert class' feats

Alchemist Multiclass Archetype is Insulting

Mage Armor fixes, and how to solve the Wizard in Full Plate conundrum.

Buff Spells. Am I missing something?

Cleric deity spells

Spreadsheet: Hit Rates by Class

Mesmerists and the Adjustable Polymorph spell

New Class! Adventurer.

Sorcerers: A Blood Transfusion

Can Combat Flexibility take a Dedication feat?

The Sorcerer: 4 Desiderata

Paladin: Deific Weapon

When a melee weapon is thrown, is it still considered a melee weapon?

Spellcaster Multiclass archetypes

Titan Mauler and Large Weapons

Can We Finally Fix Wild Empathy?

Monks and Druids Not Expert in Perception?

[Ranger] Feedback based on lvl 1 and 5 PFS Scenarios

Universalist Wizard and Focus Conservation

Paladin: Bring Back Smite Evil

When a Fighter Increases a d12 Damage Die

Multiclass Level Consideration - What Are You?

Indepth look at Alchemist's class feats

Heroes Don't Need Armor

Cleric and Wizard Archetype Abnormality

Ranger - my first playtest

Paladin Multiclass and Evil "Paladins"

Cleric and Druid 10th Level Spells

Armed Fortitude and Expert in shields

The Barbarian's Swipe Attack

Savage Critical for the Fighter

Finesse Striker

General Class Errors

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