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[Homebrew] Player requested centaur ancestry

Z Reviews the Races

Why do races have ancestry-specific HP?

Why do Dwarves get leadership at level 1?

Why do different races have different racial hit points, and why do half-orc hit points not scale?

Why do all Backgrounds include one "free" ability boost?

Why Are These Things Not Just Called Race?

What I like about ancestries and what I think can be improved

Weapon Cunning

Vivacious Conduit - bonkers good? Goblin Feat Typo

Usefulness of attributes

Update 1.4: Sharp-Nosed Gnome clarifications

Update 1.4: Mountain's Stoutness referring to Hardy

Update 1.4 dwarf ... hunh?

Update 1.4 Ancestries: Here's how I would overhaul it. How would you overhaul it?

Unconventional Weaponry

Too many Ancestries / Races !?

To Goblin or not to Goblin ....

Thoughts on the small folk

Thoughts on Ancestries

The Systems Agnostic's Too Long PF2E Critique Part 2

survey and races you want to see.

Supernatural Charm

Stretching an Old Problem


Standardize Rules for Half-Races Across All Ancestries

Spell Attribute / Training / DC missing from Elf and Gnome Cantrip Feats

Some Genuine Ancestry Suggestions

So I like ancestry feats as a concept

Sign Language with Reading and Writing

Share your Ancestry / Heritage Feat ideas.

Scholar Background Question - skill Acquisition

Rules Question: Human Ancestry, Natural Ambition and Multiclassing

Rules Query - Backgrounds

Rough Rider too strong?

Ratfolk should be a Core Ancestry

Proposed Fix to Ancestories

Proposal: Broader, more customized Backgrounds.

The Problems with Ancestry

Possible fix: Instead of more Ancestry Feats, Background Feats?

Parelz-vous Jotun?

Orcs as a Core Race!

Orcs as a core race

Orc Weapon Carnage and Orc Weapon Familiarity

ORC WEAPON CARNAGE - not possible at level 5 for Humans...?

Orc Ferocity

Number of Ancestries?

Non-Humanoid Core Race - A Case for Fantasy

Non-Caster Gnomes and Animal Accomplice

Nitpick: Inflammable doesn't mean fire resistant.

Natural Ambition question

Natural Ambition and General Training should be removed and replaced

My thoughts on Ancestries and Backgrounds in Pathfinder 2e

My Opinion on Goblins

Mountain's Stoutness stacking with Toughness?

Mountain Roots

Most of the racial feats look like hot garbage.

More ancestries

The Lost Star Playtest Feedback on Ancestries by MrCoffeeCup


Keen Hearing

Innate spells should be able to key off any ability score, not just Charisma

Illusion Sense

Ideas for Orc Ancestry

Idea for high level ancestry feats

I'm just a human now, but when I grow up, mom's gonna become an orc so I can be a half-orc.

I like most changes but "Unburdened" Dwarves need work

Human starting age

Human Ancestry and Languages question

Human Ancestry

Human & Halfling Improvements

How do we make sense of "I didn't have this aspect of the culture I grew up in until level 5"?

Homebrewing: How to handle races with innate abilities?

Homebrew Playtest Ysoki

Homebrew Ancestries

Heritage feats should all be grouped together

Heritage feats are problematic.

Heritage Feats - Feedback and Advice

Haughty Obstinacy helps PCs resist Coerce?

Happy stick 2.0 or The Feat all should take?

Halflings are worse than other races

Halfling stat boosts incorrect?

Halfling need some love

Halfling Cavalier Stealth

Half-Orc / Half-Elf

The half-elf and half-orc entry feats should have rebalanced options

Half-Breed Ancestry

Half Races

Half - Elf / Half -Orc: how?

Hafling Keen Eyes (Ancestry Feat)

Goblins.... +2 Dex... +2.... Cha?!


Goblin: Rough Rider & Animal Companion interaction

Goblin, sneak, and the Very Sneaky feat

Goblin flavor and bonuses

Goblin fighter needs Weapon Familiarity (Goblin) for Dogslicer ?

Goblin Burn It clarification

Goblin Bite

Goblin Ancestry: Uncommon

The ancestry options seem to be unbalanced

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