Ancestries & Backgrounds

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Nitpick: Inflammable doesn't mean fire resistant.

Usefulness of attributes

Human & Halfling Improvements

Human Ancestry

"Human: Ethnicities" subsection feels jarring

Converting Campaign Traits to PF2

Update 1.4 Ancestries: Here's how I would overhaul it. How would you overhaul it?

Ancestries are getting overhauled in 1.4, says the twitch stream

Executioner as a background

Update 1.4 dwarf ... hunh?

Gnomish Animal Accomplice: Burrow Speed

survey and races you want to see.

Goblins.... +2 Dex... +2.... Cha?!

Ancestry Feats, am I understanding this right?!

Elves & Drow

Does the Obsessive Gnome feat grant an extra skill

Goblin Ancestry: Uncommon

I like most changes but "Unburdened" Dwarves need work

1.4 made my Halfling much better! Now I don't want to play him anymore.

Idea for high level ancestry feats

Half Races

Human Ancestry and Languages question

Ancestry Representation in the Rulebook

Share your Ancestry / Heritage Feat ideas.

Most of the racial feats look like hot garbage.

Ideas for Orc Ancestry

Orcs as a core race

Standardize Rules for Half-Races Across All Ancestries

Background suggestions

Ratfolk should be a Core Ancestry

Ancestry feats, heritages, general feats clean-up

Halfling need some love

Human starting age

My thoughts on Ancestries and Backgrounds in Pathfinder 2e

Half-Orc / Half-Elf

Natural Ambition question

Ancestry feats far too infrequent and weak

Ancestries Should Have Two Ability Boosts and One Flaw

Boulder Roll

Animal Whisperer

Courtly Graces Does Nothing for Nobles

Backgrounds & Their Limitations; customization

Thoughts on Ancestries

Flame heart


Does goblin "burn it" apply to splash damage

Ancestries are like a slow Mr. Potatoehead

Orc Ferocity

Supernatural Charm


The Problems with Ancestry

Discerning smell

Orc Weapon Carnage and Orc Weapon Familiarity

Unconventional Weaponry

Distracting Shadows


Rough Rider too strong?

Illusion Sense

Keen Hearing


Ageless patience

Mountain Roots


Ancestry and Heritage feats need to be more clear

Orcs as a Core Race!

Non-Humanoid Core Race - A Case for Fantasy

Dwarf clan dagger

Ancestral Hatred

Dwarf Ancient’s Blood

Concerns and Suggestions for Backgrounds

Ancestry layout hard to read

Ancestry high level feat ideas for PF2

Sign Language with Reading and Writing

Cooperative Nature

Natural Ambition and General Training should be removed and replaced

My Opinion on Goblins

The Lost Star Playtest Feedback on Ancestries by MrCoffeeCup

Can we actually make Ancestry distinct from race?

Parelz-vous Jotun?

Goblin, sneak, and the Very Sneaky feat

Innate spells should be able to key off any ability score, not just Charisma

Adopted Ancestry: Nothing till 5th level?

Can we possibly get two backgrounds?

Can bonus skill feats from backgrounds bypass prerequisites?

Proposed Fix to Ancestories

Ancient's Blood Fix proposal

Ancestries and my initial thoughts.

Background feats are weird.

Does a "Rough Rider" Goblin give you access to a Goblin Dog?

Homebrew Ancestries

Background feats and Prerequisites

Half-Breed Ancestry

[Homebrew] Player requested centaur ancestry

Possible fix: Instead of more Ancestry Feats, Background Feats?

Expanded Backgrounds

So I like ancestry feats as a concept

Z Reviews the Races

Some Genuine Ancestry Suggestions

Rules Question: Human Ancestry, Natural Ambition and Multiclassing

Why do different races have different racial hit points, and why do half-orc hit points not scale?

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