Running the Game

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Massive GM Sheet (Google Sheets)

A matter of light

Exploration time and Forced March

How can I help my player abandon his first class?

Spell Target 'Willing Ally'

GM Laments: Char list is hard to interact, Actions\activities are complicated to remember, entry barrier for new players is high... (And some thoughts about solving)

Ongoing Feedback - Home Campaign - Not Doomsday Dawn

What if there was a "minor" action 1 / round for things like shifting grip?

Surprise round questions

Dying - Healing Cycle

Smoke / Fog and Concealment and Sensed and Unseen

Homemade DM Screen

Bulk rules different

Homemade DM Screen

Converting APs: Adjusting +1 weapons / armor?

Hazards unclear

Slaughtering Sacred Cows: Hex Map

Has any one noticed Secret Checks? Taking player agency away

Misread Rules That Worked Better

Handling Treasure for creature encounters

Animal Companions

Why I Don't Trust This Game: A Rant

Causing Death & TPKs? Grouped Initiative

Hypercognition, Dubious Knowledge and other Recall Knowledge interactions

Form Fill-able Character Sheet

New - Exploration Tactic - "Setting an ambush"

New Skill DC Difficulty Chart Boggles

GM Advice - CR, Healing and Assumption of a Clock

Initiative: Stealth vs. Perception

Difficult terrain - is there a better way?

DC to identify Magic Items?

Let's Talk about table 10-2 and scaling DC's.

Multiple Spells

Paralyzed has no affect on Reflex saves?

GM Reference Sheets / Crib Notes

Shield Block Reaction damage

Adventuring Day Expectations

Clarification on Wounded

Half Races

Need Advice for Changing the Proficiency System.

Flanking and Threatening

Demonskunk's PF2 Feedback So Far

Please consider adding One Hour Healing Rituals

Dying & Recovery Saves

Confusion about vision - Roll20 solutions

Suprise Round???

Secret Rolls

Converting PF1 adventure to PF2, Treasure gold amounts.

Doomsday Dawn custom maps [spoilers]

Healing Issues

Table 10-2 is a GM's Nightmare

Awkward gap in the Dying rules (Updates 1.2)

Condition cards

Saves and Persistent Damage

Late Level Scaling

How do players roll for knowledge on monsters?

General thought and questions from the running the game chapter

Knowledge Skills Into Feats Instead

Alternative death and dying rules

Pathfinder 2 Initiative - to see or not to see, that is the question

Dying rules are going to lead to a lot of coup-de-grâce actions.

General thought and questions from the game mastering chapter

Poison - how exactly does it work?

XP for avoiding encounters?


What is a bonded animal anyway?

Too Old School? XP, Encounter Building, and Party Level

Hero points by session

Death Save and Persistent Damage

Climbing during exploration mode (possible DD spoilers)

Kaihaku's Thoughts after two sessions and lots of reading

Some Alternate rules: No Attributes and Vain alignment

Is the 1.1 update broken on the dying rule?

Rose Street Revenge Unclear Maps

Surprise in Combat

Paralyzed condition so nerfed I can't even . . .

Playtest groups evaporated, looking for an online table.

How to Set DC's

Encounter and Adventure building

What is the Class DC for Monsters?

What is the AC of a door?


Removing Conditions?

Converted Rise of the Runelords Playtest

Adventuring Day Length & Requiring Healers: Potential Fix

Stealth for Initiative

I don't undertand exploration mode

Why isn't Palming or Stealing an object "secret"

Climb DCs and Break DCs seem Contradictory and Illogical

Does armor receive damage from normal attacks?

Adjusting encounters for 6 players

Table 10-2

Do you divide encounter XP?

Vehicle Rules Please! (Skills Issue)

Are you forcing GMs to adjust skill checks DCs with character level?

West Marches Campaign

I don't understand page 338 tables

Sizes and Combat

I need som help from Golarion Experts

Has a dev answered regarding the skill system?

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