Monsters and Hazards

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Quicksand: how to escape it?

Death by fluffy bunnies: What happens when the drained condition reduces a creature's maximum hit points to 0?

Removing a curse (Lesser mummy rot)

The stone / iron / adamantine golem's Inexorable March: a TPK machine

Monsters and Damage and Imaginary Equipment

Experience for Varied Party Sizes

Monster Skills

Greater Shadow, Shadow steal

Tales of the Manticore? Share yours.

Stealth rules don't make sense for poltergeists

Sea Serpent Spine Rake

Monsters healing rate between encounters

"Hitting a creature with a strike on its previous actions" requirement

Rysky Reviews the Playtestiary, Monster Parade!

"Hard encounters" anything but?

Undead and the negative healing quality

Monsters are player grinders

Grabbing with Reach

Fire Giant Confusion

Creature Stats by Level Spreadsheet

Dinosaur Form mistake?


Treant Foot Strike

Should Smilodon's Claw Strike be Agile?

Monster Skills: A Serious Problem

Wing Rebuff

But I need Monster Y with Level A to be Level A +4! (Tool)

Why would a monster not use it's best attack every time?

Poltergeist: Are Telekinetic Object and Telekinetic Storm Considered Spells?


Attack Bonuses are too high for level 0 creatures

More Greater Shadow questions (Spoilers)

Swallow Whole

Loving Monster Special Abilities

An Otherworldly Threat: Playing Around With Custom Monsters

When does a poison affect you?

Quick monsters

Poltergeist resistances correct?

Confused about poltergeist

Can we rename Daemons for PF2?

Equipment Using Creatures

Monsters and Gear

Encounter Metaviews: Three Battles & Five Foes

Poisoned Dart Gallery DC

Do you wish monsters had statistics more like PCs, as they used to? Yes!, Please

Encounter Building mechanics are frail

An Extra Stage For Quicksand?

Massive damage discussion

What Counts as a Targeted Effect vs Swarms?

Monster abilities and stacking debuffs

Poison dart gallery question

I can't duplicate the monsters in beastiary - DM in playtest

Hidden Monsters creation rules ?

Greater Shadow

Noticing Hazards? Surprise?

Need Clarification on Complex Hazard Rules

Monster Vulnerabilities

Dispersing based on a readied action

Monster melee actions

Does Elite Adjustment adjust Touch AC?

Treachery demons TPK

The Sewer Ooze was a bust...

attack of opportunity for everyone

Monster Templates

Any Plans to Release Monster Building Rules During Playtest?

Homebrew Creature of the Day

Encounter Building Resources for Playtest

Attacks with Grab / Knockdown / etc

Monster tactics and 'Attack of Opportunity'

What are Perception DC, Reflex DC, & Will DC for monsters?

Elite CR0 enemies vs. Party Level 1

What does Knockdown do?

CR 0 and LoTR

Minion attack mechanic

Quasit's Change Shape ability

Help With Drakes (and maybe Kobolds / Lizardmen)

Various questions and corrections


Poison Damage not Poisons?

Elite monster adjustments per player

Blindsense clarification

Innate Spells and Material Casting

Please add the dying condition DC to monsters entries

Solo monsters and action economy

The math doesn't work

Weapon Size Adjustments

Abyssal / Infernal Pact: Am I missing something?

Adjusting Encounters Math

Confused about balancing encounters.

Eye-balling published encounter difficulty for different level party

Monsters and Shield Block

So will there ever be mythic subtype?

Types and Subtypes now appear as Traits!

why are currents difficult terrain?

Theorycrafting - Monster Hunter-style critters with multiple 'parts'

Gaze Attacks... How Do?

Monster Perception

Goblin Scuttle

Bring Back Monsters Tactics!

What does the Trained in a trap stat block mean?

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