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Call for Feedback: The Index

Last Day for Surveys!

READ BEFORE YOU POST: How to make sure your voice is heard by Paizo

Post Gen Con Update

Classes without spellcasting, spell-like or supernatural attributes

Spell Eating Wizard

Rogues do insane damage !

Treasure tables - Potences ?

Armor Proficiency Rules are Missing and Weapon Proficiency is Locked Down

Combat Reflexes query

Could the Gods use an update?

Rarity, DCs, Regional Languages and the Post-Playtest Apocalypse

Remember those 4 magical essences? They came up today.

The DICE WILL ROLL Podcast plays: Kingmaker in 2e!

Houseruled Playtest v1.7

Ideas for Ranger Spell Powers / Focus Spells

Did you use shields in the playtest? What did you think of them?

Bards and two-handed instruments

General Rules

The jankiness of exploration (and social) tactics revisited

Android alternative racial traits

Organized Play and a living world

A discussion of powers / focus spells

Ranger discussion spillover from Know Direction thread...

Can we get blogs from the designers about design intent?

What UTEML progression are you using now, at this time?

My initial issues with Resonance

1.6 Update about Shields: what does it mean?

The secret ingredient nobody is talking about

Any advise for a War Priest Build.

PF1 Classes that would make good PF2 archetypes.

Three playtest innovations I will swipe for my home games

My personal, belated thoughts on 2nd edition playtest

Bat Guano Thread

Multi-class Paladin ?

5 Rules or Interactions that I feel need to be changed or clarified in the final product

Jason on Know Direction (Jan 16th)

Spellcasters Underwhelming ?

Heritages and Racial Variants

Current state of the Cleric

Current Tier list

PETITION: Help Change Badly Named Weapons!

Can we take a page out of 5e's book in how to give prestidigitation to non-arcane casters?

1.6 Alchemist Formulas, are they automatically leveled up?

One guy’s optimistic take on PF2

New Pathfinder 2nd edition podcast

Paladin reactions

An alternative to Armor Check Penalty

improvements to Pathfinder Pawn boxes for 2E?

Im a newer gm and need to know if I should ban kineticist

Non Lethal Damage.

Some questions about poisons

My main concerns for P2

1.7 ?

Activity spanning 2 Turns

I really like Pathfinder 2 Playtest: I'd like low magic choices for Pathfinder 2!


Lingering Thoughts

Stealth + Initiative + Reactions ?

Slot Restrictions, Resonance. Are any magic item restrictions relevant anymore?

Magic Item requirements feel bad

PF2 Houserule Thread

My thanks to all of you

Help with an Alchemist / Magus multiclass

Dex to Damage (Again)

Trying to understand removing +level from untrained proficiency

Ah lads, it's not all that bad, now

Discrepancy Between Prepared and Spontaneous Casting

Help houseruling Arcanist spellcasting

Paizo Blog: The Pathfinder Playtest is Closed!

dual wielding two handed weapons w / prehensile hair

Starting Wealth: Give players "one free kit"

My final considerations on the Playtest

Please have starting equipment packs for easy character creation.

Status of Golarion in New Edition?

Theory-crafting / house-ruling new class feats

Removing ability modifiers.

While +1 / level is a problem, removing it alone is not a solution.

Hear our Plea(s)

Belated general thoughts on the Playtest rules

Weapon damage vs Cantrip damage

The Importance of Vancian Spellcasters in Pathfinder / Golarion

Consolidated document?

Remove +Level Number inflation

Pathfinder and Pathfinder 2

Can Someone Explain What's Going On?

Looking for feedback on an alternate Channel Energy

Voluntarily failing a save

Please Don't Call it "Thievery"

I need help finding a Good illustration

Razorteeth Goblin ancestry feat and Double Slice class feat combination


Sorcerer Bloodlines

Conversion Cheat Sheet

Proficiency System and the Change I'd Like to See

Powers & Spell Points

Focus Points Calculation

Happy New Years y’all!

Hazard and Encounter difficulty issues

Book of the Damned

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