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Call for Feedback: The Index

READ BEFORE YOU POST: How to make sure your voice is heard by Paizo

Post Gen Con Update

What do Rituals add to the game?

While +1 / level is a problem, removing it alone is not a solution.

When Did Your Character "Feel" Awesome During the Playtest

concerns about the impossibility of a character who is secretly a necromancer

Dex to Damage (Again)

While +1 / level is a great feature, it's not the only one

Difficulty does not mean lower success rates

Permanent negative status effects are awful

Proficiency System and the Change I'd Like to See

Level 9 Monstrous Form typo?

When Did Your Character "Feel" Useless During the Playtest

Status of Golarion in New Edition?

Organization of Where Information Is Found In the Rulebook

Do you have any acid horror stories from the Playtest?

Wait... Did all non mutagenic Alchemists suddenly lost ALL access to mutagens?

New Pathfinder 2nd edition podcast

Any Updates?

Should Casters Scale Differently Than Martials?

Paizo Blog: Shining Lights and Dark Stars

Magic Weapon Power Normalization

I finally understand the design goals of PF2

Hear our Plea(s)

Standarizing Armor

Succubus In Another Grapple

1.3 - Treat Wounds - Stamina is still better

Paizo you guys are making a HUGE brand mistake trending towards 5e.

Does the save or suck caster exist?

Lore skills

Alternate ways of giving detailed feedback

Divorcing Crafting from Normal Skills

An Analysis of the 1.6 Paladin Variants

Thoughts on exploration, combat, and spells in the Mirrored Moon Playtest game

Dying, Wounded, Recovery.

Wizard guides?

Paladins of Pharasma Redeeming the Undead? A Study on Edicts, Anathema, and External Codes.

Pathfinder Second Edition: The vision. The big idea.

Should we have ability scores in Second Edition?

Playing a Tanky Fighter doesn't feel so good.

Mage armor vs light armor

Meaningful Choices in PF2e Playtest

Aroden the Martyr! [In-Game Conspiracy Theory]

Razorteeth Goblin ancestry feat and Double Slice class feat combination

Looking for what the best spells (in a general sense) to chose immunity from with Greater Spell Immunity

Does size matter?

Lingering Composition Example?

Crits are a lot more fun with more dice involved, IMO

Damage doesn't scale to keep up with creature HP

PF2e Homebrew: Sin Magic Specialist

I wrote a one-shot. Suggestions?

Do combats slow down at level 12+ ?

Accidentally Withholding Feedback Due To House Rules

Dazzled and Blinded conditions

Making Every Class MAD

Proficiency needs more scaling; Expanding on a good mechanic!

Challenges by Level and Difficulty For PF2e Playtest

Destroying walls and buildings

How Fast Pull a Cart up a Zip line?

Paizo Blog: Catching Our Breath

Also leaving the playtest... feedback with attempted constructive criticism

Nat 1 and 20 on skills

What is considered casting for purposes of attacks of opportunity?

How to house rule automatic weapon dice progression

Assorted Attempts At Augmenting Assurance

Can magic items be useful and martials still be awesome?

Scaling Skill Feats: A Catfall for each skill

New Economy

Cannot React to Reactions: The Problem with Martial Reactions

Clerics and Channel Energy: A compromise.

Paizo Blog: Thanks

Hypothetical Elemental Bloodline Level 1 Power

What Pregens are available for the Iconics?

What does charisma do?

Current balance between attributes

Proficiency: Untrained, Trained, Expert, Master, Legendary, Mythic

PF2 and 5e / 4e

Paizo Friday Stream Notes November 16, 2018

do all rituals require secondary casters?

AoO suggestions

Critical failures and level modifiers give weird results to outclassed characters

is there any way to build this character concept?

Metamagic feats

Paizo Blog: The Prestige

A Few Bomb Questions

See Invisibility Concealment and Stealth?

Is Dec 31st still the last day to submit surveys?

Yet one more group down

[For Paizo specifically] What direction will you take to make more content?

Ability Score Generation

Misunderstanding on calculating saving throw DC

Adjacency and diagonals?

Current skill system extremly static and boring! Solution Talent instead of Ability affect skill!

Does the Playtest PDF get updated as well?

So, What does Pathfinder Mean to You?

Not just Sigil anymore

for clarity and style, "conditional modifier" to "condition modifier"

How I'm using UTEML and why I love the concept

[Pathfinder 2e - 1.6 Errata] Lay on Hands, unintended nerf?

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