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Call for Feedback: The Index

READ BEFORE YOU POST: How to make sure your voice is heard by Paizo

Post Gen Con Update

Paizo Blog: The Resonance Test

Fishing for maximum number of attacks in a turn aka PLEASE don't do this to your GM.

Un-Ease of Play: Conditions, Buffs / Debuffs, Flanking / Cover / Screened, Meta-Currencies, etc

Reason why damage on magic items bothers me

Paizo Please Fix List - A Running List

Idea: Improving the "10 min camp" - Let us make everyone work!

Reasons why I no longer trust Paizo to produce 2E

So charisma is now the most important stat in the game

The 'problem' with CLW wand spam

Dyslexis Issues

What I'm Looking For in 2e

Land speed of a laden camel?

Thoughts on Conditions?

Please separate names for Circumstance and Conditional

"Correct" Math vs Fun Math

If Spellcasting got partial rollback...?

Specific Granular Requests for Magic System Improvement

Paizo Blog: Forging the Heroes of Undarin

Suggestion: Middle ground between "AoO for all" and "AoO for select few"

Idea: Have proficiencies for spell schools.

The DC chart is a bit of a trap.

I don’t understand all of the locked threads

Battleaxe versus Battle axe

Our group is also bowing out of the playtest - and reasons why

18 on any stat at first level

Update 1.4: Mountain's Stoutness referring to Hardy

If the wizard only needs 1 action to cast

Proficiency and Level Bonuses

Update 1.4: Sharp-Nosed Gnome clarifications

Merge Playing The Game and GM chapters in the Core Book

Death by fluffy bunnies: What happens when the drained condition reduces a creature's maximum hit points to 0?

The cheese of Intimidation (Demoralize)

Mirrored Moon twitch stream feedback

So, is Charisma is a dump stat again?

How much is a single Spell Point actually supposed to be worth?

Hero Points Fix


Did most ancestries purposely get slower?

Potential cheese tactic: Certain Strike and Forceful / Twin / Charge / Backstab weapon.

Cure Wounds alternative idea

Character building videos

Can a creature be grabbed / restrained by more than one creature?

Treat Wounds: A Simple Fix

Being a Healer is DANGEROUS

Excessive Siloing

Untrained; Trained; Expert; Master; Legendary problems?

The Mind-Boggling Math of Exponential Leveling

Palm Object & Steal Object

Flat footed

Red Flags ahead! Let's look at some non-attacking characters and how successful they are compared to their offensive peers?

Do any one like all the damage dice

Backward Apating PF2 to PF1

Character Progression Redesign Idea.

Suggestion for making proficiency more meaningful

There needs to be less rampant access to Heal pools

Open up class ability boosts

Why I worry that the things I like about PF2 might be "bad".

Pathfinder Playtest is actually MORE complicated than PF1E

Let's talk about Exploration Mode: What do you want from it? How it can be improved?

Maybe the game ends at 12th level (or near there)?

can i ask a question about necromancy?

Skill DC scaling

Another group out

Why no more 6 level casters?

Paizo Blog: Halfway to Doomsday

Doomsday Dawn Ch. 1 - In Pictures

I Wanna Crit-Rogue

Giving specialists a bonus - analysis

Low Level Armor Disparity

Circumstance Bonus

Serpent's Skull: Running a PF1 AP with PF2 rules

Building the Avengers in the Playtest

What happened to Deconstructing Doomsday Dawn, Ch 3

The jankiness of exploration (and social) tactics revisited

Should General Feats and Class Feats be of equal power?

Ancestries are getting overhauled in 1.4, says the twitch stream

1.3 - Treat Wounds - Stamina is still better

Open air encounters fail to allow for 500' range of Fireball

Misprinted Leather Rulebook

Modifying stat scaling so that DCs are equal to stats

I find the blog format for downloads really frustrating!

Sensing Motive

A more realistic suggestion: proficiencies and class paths

Concept: choosing your proficiencies

[RAW] Damaging objects is either impossible or broken

Switching out the existing Playtest Critical System for Homebrew

Idea: remove general feats

Improve proficiency to -4 / 0 / 2 / 4 / 6 and keep DC tables same.

Have they done anything to make martials classes more relevant outside of combat?

Why is the untrained bonus negative?

My group is hesitant on continuing past 3rd level.

My group has quit the playtest

A Mu Spore Walks into a bar... and nobody notices

Who has been at your Playtest table?

Ancestry "Kits"

Degrees of Success Unchained

Skill Level of Playtest Group

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