Doomsday Dawn Game Master Feedback

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DM Livgin's Playtest Thread

Mathmuse on Chamber of the Sunken Stones at Pale Mountain

'Fraidy-cat Ghost Mages in Undarin

A sober campaign journal of Doomsday Dawn: Doom, gloom, and TPKs

Heroes of Undarin, Part 1 Combat Log and Notes (with Paladin rant)

Heroes of Undarin and the easy way to auto-win the adventure

An issue with the Heroes of Undarin map and Huge sized creatures

In Pale Mountain's Shadow: Battle Maps

The vault in Red Flags [spoilers]

Heroes of Undarin chargen questions

Demon Knowledge Going Into "Heroes of Undarin"

Bardarok Playtest Report

Deadmanwalking's Actual Playtest Thread

Heroes of Undarin: Event 10 Typo?

Floating in a pool of vomit (Heroes of Undarin feedback / horror story)

Captain Morgan's Doomsday Dawn run

Mirrored Moon with errataed DCs

Doomsday Noon...

Heroes of Undarin error

Whats your pace looking like?

Session results and questions for my group's Doomsday Dawn playtest

Pale Mountain feedback (encounter focussed)

Affair at Sombrefell Hall contradictions

Mirrored Moon made my players quit.

How do Research Points in the Mirrored Moon actually work?

Why Is Elven Chain Such A High-Level Item?

Pale Mountain - Stealth and zone B4

Heroes ofUndarin Starting Gear

Thoughts About Quicksand

Red Flags and magic [spoilers]

Titania Playtest

Heroes of Undarin - Cold iron weapon question

Pale Mountain time limit

Sombrefell Hall - Shadow Spawn - regular shadow or greater shadow?

Mirrored Moon feedback I forgot to give in survey

Getting Ready for Pale Mountain - Questions on Encounters

Mirrored Moon GM Survey question

What has killed your party?

Played the playtest afterthoughts

Red Flags

Recent Play Reflection (Lost Star)

Our Experiences W / Pale Mountain

Pale Mountain adventure feedback

Mirrored Moon - timing problems

Mirrored Moon - Probably the best part of the playtest so far

My Bard Broke the Mirrored Moon

The Lost Star Feedback

Mirrored Moon Encounter I

Lost Star player-tailored rewards?

Part 6 Red Flags: Map scale confusion

Campain Journal

Initial feedback from completing 1.5 Doomsday Dawn adventures

The Mirrored Moon 3 Player Adjustments

Pale Mountain - Terrible as an Adventure

Affair at Sombrefall Hall Playtest Feedback (Spoilers)


Affair at Sombrefell Hall = Theatre of the Mind

Joe M's Playtest Thread

Drakus’ Blood Nourishment

Run times for each part of Doomsday Dawn

General Playtest Feedback

Lost Star questions (spoilers!)


Chapter 2 Shenanigans

Rogues With No Thievery? Windowless Rooms With Windows? (Sombrefell Hall Spoilers? Maybe?)

Bulk is bad.

Magic Items Shouldn't Require Skill Ranks (and Proficiency increases feel frustrating)


Character creation & playtest adventure part 1

Sombrefell Hall playtest: first 2 waves, 0 damage.

Doomsday Dawn IV: A New Hope

Sombrefell Hall: Upstairs / Downstairs Don't Match?

Doomsday Dawn "Affair at Sombrefell Hall" GM Guide

Almarane's Doomsday Dawn journal

Your Mileage May Vary: Record of a Doomsday Dawn Playthrough

Heroes of Undarin - Wave By Wave

Owlbear Claw: a disappointment to almost any party

Playtest feedback after 5 hours of playing The Lost Star

Pale Mountain: Puzzle

Part 2: In Pale Mountain's Shadow

Affair at Sombrefell Hall: The Divine Comedy

Affair At Sombrefell Hall: Playtest Result

Doomsday Dawn Part 3 printed map - free for the first taker!

Lost Star play session log and feedback

Pale Mountain: Any prohibition against Aid action?

Character Creation Session(s)

Thoughts on skills? My opinion on the new bonuses system.

Goblin Song for Area A7

[Spoilers] Questions about Lost Star

Dragonriderje's 'In Pale Mountain's Shadow' Playtest Report and Feedback

Dusk Comes to Doomsday: Playing the Playtest in Pathfinder

Should I allow the one-hour delayed preparation trick in Heroes of Undarin?

How many PCs should we playtest with?

Two encounters in Part 2 representative of the playtest.

[In Pale Mountain] The All-Nature Party

A few observations from Doomsday Dawn

Pale Mountain in 2 Weeks?

So I really dislike the drawing the maps part in In Pale Mountain’s Shadow

Touch of Corruption

Pale Mountain: Most encounters feels like a life or death battle

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