Rules Questions

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Constriction and how Exactly Badtouch Works

Eclipsing Rage And Light Levels

Elf shifters

Master Of Many Styles Monk + Elemental Fist

Pact Wizard Patron Spells and Metamagic

Can a shapechanger completely undo baleful polymorph?

Thunder Behemoth and store an item

Style feats and swift actions

Predictive Riposte action

Ring of Tactical Precision and Ally Shield

Free actions clairification

Can I cast a Standard and a Quickened spell during surprise round?

Ampoule of false blood and crossblooded sorc

Darkness vs light

Questions about the Halfling Jinx (from Halflings of Golarion)

Whip grappling.

Composite Bow question

Bloodline arcana and other classes's spells interactions?

Mythic Wildshape level depended choice?

Song of the Beast (Totemic Skald)

Control Weather vs. Control Weather - Which caster wins?

Awakening / INT 3 Animal Companion.

Blightburn Weapon spell vagueness

Bloodline Arcana & Powers and Wizard spells

Need clarification on Animal Focus ability.

Samsarans Mystic Past Life + Psychic Bloodline question

Familiar satchel

raising a dead outsider?

Yithian Elder and Mental Projection

Plague Zombie — Bite in Place of Slam?

Is there any rule for shooting through objects to hit creatures?

Sorcerer Bloodlines

Stealth Grapple: Can I avoid AoO?

"You can’t move diagonally past a corner" : I didn't understand this

The great Talons versus Claw debacle

Spell Cartridges

material focuses and summoned creatures

Power Attack: 3.5 vs PF? Why was it changed?

Diagonal Movement Through Occupied Square?

Oracle Multiple Archetypes

Magus spellstrike-AOO or not?

Char turned out different than I thought

Unseen Standard Bearer?

Linnorm Hunter Style

Templates and Racial Points Question...

Action to Harbor a Phantom

Animating a Snag Net?

Oracle of Life Bonus Spells

Spell Perfection and adding extra metamagics

nondetection stoping items that grant see invisibility?

Wizard Familiar and eldritch heritage

do the Push and Pull maneuvers provoke AoOs?

Animal Companion Magical Beasts

Animal Companion (AC) Move Trick

What effects do you get from...

Intensified Sense Vitals?

How Exactly Does Obsidian Flow (spell) Work?

Bladed Brush feat - slashing grace and reach for the magus?

Reach, Is it really longer than it appears?

Fear aura effects

Symbol spells and Armor

Magical Backlash

Freedom of movement = / = water flying

Awaken construct ability score changes

Sorcerer Dip, Eldritch Heritage, and Sylvan Bloodline

Sundering damage

Question about Wiz / Sorc Spellslinger Arcane Bond

Scrying on a Location or Object

A Few Questions

Dragons and Legendary Proportions (or other actual size changes)

Spiritualist archetype stacking question

Obscuring Mist and sneak attack

Suffocation Question

Move 15ft. using a 5ft. step. A combination of Following step and Outslug Sprint.

Cannon using Blast Shot ammo and Vital Strike

Cavalier question

Can a Wizard learn spells from an Alchemist's Formulae List?

Archetype spear fighter and advanced weapon training


Does a raised Skeleton or Zombie maintain the movement of the base creature

how can i calculate my total dodge bonuses

Does bardic performance start instantly?

Throw one weapon, keep another in hand unused - do I still threaten?

Which kind of weapon is monk's body ?

Crane Style question.

Menacing weapons - fear effect?

Soften Earth and Stone Question

Skill Calculations for Monsters

What can phantoms do when not manifested?

Shifter Foil Questions.

Throwing upward

Bloodline familiar questions.

Archivist bardic performance, language dependency and animal companions

Question about Spell Perfection and Arcane Metamastery

Elemental Ray from multiple sources

Mounted Combat Feat and Combat Maneuvers

Necrocrafts and HD per caster level

Stargazer - Sideral Arcana - Mother stacks with Brew Potion

Bard / Skald Performances

Waveblade - Is it a close weapon, a monk weapon or both?

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