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Take 10 in a surprise round.

Does Quilted Cloth armor provide its DR against bullets?

Somehow, this Faq made Spell Combat more confusing


Spiked Bashing Shields deal 1d8 or 2d6?

Have I discovered a new route to immortality?

Readied action to step away from a charge

Deadly and Merciful

Divine Bond (Over 9,000!)

Proof Spellstrike gives extra attack with Spellcombat?

Dismount and 5' step?

Glorious Heat + Spark = Unlimited Healing

Thrown Daggers, are they Ranged Weapons?

Spell Resistance and rolling a "1".

Paladin Killing Attackers

Can I "ready" a charge?

Craft Wondrous + Master Craftsman

Swarms and Rays for FAQing

can sneak attack boost the damage of a fireball?

Two Weapon Fighting with a Bow and Unarmed Strike

Hellcat Stealth Shadowdancer

Action expenditures and Attacks of Opportunity / Readied Actions

Bladed brush really need an errata or a FAQ

Alter Summon monster and Mount into wishes

Claws and weapon drop.

Reincarnate and feats / favored class bonuses.

Mythic powers


New Trait Fate's Favored

So, does Concealment negate all Precision Damage?

Does Sleep make you Prone? + Do you drop held items?

Can a black blade be sundered?

Regeneration vs. Constitution damage

Stealth Question --- Free Stealth after being unobserved?

Casting Invisibility when under the effects of Glitterdust

Modifying initiative in the middle of combat.

Can you use lay on hands on yourself while pinned?

Clerics and scrolls with opposed alignment descriptors

Is it possible to put barding on an Constrictor Snake Animal Companion?

Is it intended for monsters to grab -> constrict -> release -> grab -> constrict in one attack sequence?

Can an animal with Int 3+ take Improved Unarmed Strike


Does a natural 20 auto-confirm a critical threat?

Stealth Conundrum

Create Pit vs Paralyzed Opponent

Magic Items... do I have this straight?

Can you fly while paralyzed?

Why don't Wizards get to add two free spells to their spell books as they advance as Mystic Theurges?

CMB and threatened squares

Circumventing Shadowbound curse with Lightbringer?

Need ruling on permanency

How to Kill the Tarrasque

Wrist Sheaths and Not-Daggers

Is poisoning an evil act?

Dragon Ferocity and Power Attack after the new FAQ

For stealth are (cover or concealment) and non observed status two seperate conditions or does concealment / cover automatically provide non observed status?

Rekindling the invisibility debate

Can we get an official definition for "wielding"?

Magical Lineage and picking a level 0 spell: is it legal to do so?

Can a Lich atone?

+1 Stat Bump Item?

Does an Alchemist drinking an extract provoke an Attack of opportunity?

Paladin's Detect Evil

Take 10 with stealth

Does this 26 punches pummeling style work?

A Wild Shape question

Witch's Cackle and Fortune Hex (Broken Combo?)

Can you use fabricate in order to make modern materials? If so how high DC?

Player doing sneak attack damage more than once in a round

Greater Invis, Full Attack, 5' Step - Perception DC?

While on a horse and charging, can your movement include jumping over a 10' pit?

Ring of Intensified Shocking Grasp

Can you two hand a heavy shield for 1.5 STR dmg?

Pricing Mithral Items (One FAQ to rule them all?)

Magus Question

Can you two weapon fight with a two handed weapon?

Mithral Armor and "all other Limitations"

Masterwork improvised weapons and enchanting them

TWF with Unarmed Strike

Firing Arrows from Obscuring Mist

Do 'Improvised' Weapons Threaten?

Darkvision / Blindness Conundrum

Sundering a Bastard Sword

Crane Wing+Snake Fang

DC to Pinpoint Invisible Creature

FAQ: Is it intended that the hornbow be freely usable by bards & others with no EWP feat?

How many attacks does a Magus have in Spellcombat?

Greater Invis vs Perception

faerie fire question

Mask of Stony Demeanor too cheap?

Monk Cestus questions

What happens if I polymorph into an animal, then am awakened?

What *is* the area you can search wtih Perception in one move action?

Magus - Spell Combat and TWFing, simultaneously?

Taking 20 on perception checks to discover traps

Vestigial Arm(s) and Natural Attacks

Qualifying for PrCs question

Magic Item Creation and Caster Level

We are forced to use a feat if it lack the text "you can choose to"?

When did Improved Snap Shot get nerfed from 10' to 5' and why?

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