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Mount + Heighten Spell +Alter Summoned Monster (+Rider's Bond)?

Spell turning vs SR=no effects

Mage Hand Magic Trick: Throw Punch

Arcane Bloodline Familiar (Figmented / Fire Resistant) + Fireball..?

step up, following step and difficult terrain

Inappropriately sized weapons

I need your help: Improvised Weapons

Hinyasi Brawler with Shikigami Style and Surprise Weapon

Druid shapechange and metamagic feats

Can A Brawler Exemplar get use out of Three Reasons To Live

Plz help with dhampir race

Plz help with dhampir race

New Spell Balance thoughts: Tech Shield

step up, following step and difficult terrain

Bold Stare (Psychic Inception) vs. Protection from [Alignment]

Spell Cartridges Damage Type

Shield Master and Defending weapons


Come and Get Me interaction with Combat Maneuvers

Can you full attack with both melee and ranged, and if so, what about unique ranged attacks of monsters?

Spell Sunder

Incorporeal Form (Undead Bloodline Ability)

rerolling nat 1's with improved fortitude / reflex / will feat?

Law Domains Legislation: Prohibition power

Esoteric Knight prestige class with Psychic Bloodline Sorcerer?

Arcane Casting, spell failure, and somatic components

Snake Fang + Attacks of Opportunity

Command Undead (feat), Shadow (undead creature), Create Spawn (ability)

Crit damage negative modifiers

Erastil Unique Summon Rules+versatile summon monster interaction?

Polymorph Familiar + Saddle advice request / rules?

Fox Familiar Stats (specifically skills)

Sage Familiar Archetype

Weapon damage for larger sizes

Spell Focus and Alchemist

Life Oracle Spirit Boost Revelation

Interrupt Casting

Inmune fire (ooze verdurous) + Alchemist bombs

What happens if you make a lantern staff out of fire-forged steel?

Assuming a player finds a way to do so, can they stack multiple instances of the same template?

Mythic Vital Strike

Mascot Familiars and unwilling team members.

PFS Legal triats

Unfinished Advanture Path In "Campaign Mode"

Great Wyrm Cloud Dragon AC

Mythic Vital Strike

Spells that say "ground" in description.

Pummeling Bully

Sacred Fist flurry

Items and Possession

Mesmerist Spells Without Gestures?

How does Wild Shape actually work

Improvised Shields

body bludgeon feat, refine improvised weapon spell.

Delay poison - a death trap?

Sacred Nimbus question

Create Pit+Wall of Stone (or any other way to cover the top)=???

Aasimar Wings

Alchemist + Spell Multiple Targets

Mindless Creatures and Headbands of Vast Intelligence

Do Psychic liches need to perform the Eternal Apotheosis?

Anti-Magic Field vs Eidolon

What breaks sleep?

Throwing Shield

Spell Perfection

Spirit Guide - Life Spirit & Channeling feats

ShadowHunter Racial Trait's interaction with the ShadowDancer Prestige Class ability Summon Shadow

UMD Questions

Tying Dispel Magic to Hallow / Unhallow

Spell-Specific Feats / Traits and undercasting

Inquiry on the Unchained Monk; Abundant Steps and Flying Kicks

Arcane Strike

Skeleton Summoner (feat), Summon Monster, and Evil

Bringing a Vine Leshy PC back from the dead

Metamagic cast times - Multiple GM's have done it differently?

Multiple Archetype question

What's the point of frog, if otter is available? (Animal Aspect, Greater)

Magnifying Chime

is it PFS legal to use "Gifted Adept" "Call Animal" to get a higher CR level pet / summons?

Antimagic field and spellbane

Calculating overland movement for fast characters

Sneak Attack from Multiclassing stacking

Can bracers of armor add anything not flat cost?

What am I missing about the Shield of the Mage?

Assumed form (sp) of Intrigue Oracle Mystery: Clarification

Samsaran, Mystic Past Life, Burning Hands / Scorching Ray from Elemental (non fire) Bloodline, Winter Witch question.

Hurling enemies, rules and enactments!

Iomedaen Enforcer - Aura of Justice

Biped and the Eidolon Mount feat, What changes?

Sentinel Boons on Paladins

Outsiders killed on the material plane: what happens to the body?

How does the Thrush get a +12 Fly Check?

Druid: Domain vs. Animal companion.

How exactly, dumber down, do spellbook preparation rituals work?

Wrestling Focused Character

Unchained Monk / Monk Multiclass

Prone Spellcaster

Ranger Infiltrator; Adaptation question

Calm Emotions - What happens when under it's effect?

Aggressive Thundercloud

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