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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

What can make alignments change - overnight?

Sage improved familiar for knowledge skills?

samurai with flurry of blows

Butchering Axe vs Bastard Sword - Vital Strike

Pierce the Heavens! A Pathfinder's Guide to being a Mech Pilot!

What classes can make good scouts and flankers other then the rogue?

UCRogue Advice

Got 300,000 GP To spend but catch is I can't keep whats left. What should I buy?

Investigator update

Character That Draws Power From Their Hated Enemy?

Drawbacks based on the 7 Deadly Sins help

Please help me fill in all of the continent of Azlant

williamoak's guide to construct crafting

Occultist Baliff's Chalice Sacred Implement Soul Collector

A good support / utility class for an aggressive player.

Paladin of Shelyn for Wrath of the Righteous: Str or Dex?

Polymorph any object

Balancing Shield Bashing At High Levels

Maze + Dimension lock

Magic Missile with fire damage from a Bard (using the Fire Music feat)

Evil PC Advice. Looking for Advice for a friend

Cross-Blooded (Phoenix & Draconic) Sorcerer as party healer build?

Advice for completing my party

Battle Oracle help

Feat that gives Pounce Once / Day or Once / Encounter

How to select the right spells and feats for my arcanist

Unchained Rogue / Goblin - Optimise

Beast Master Ranger animal companion advice?

Player Wants an Ooze Companion

Best general purpose wayfinder and stones?

Aether Kineticists As a Jedi

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

I Have a Question About this Supernatural Ability

heal skill- non magic healer

Summoner w / Muda

Can someone evaluate this Negotiator Bard Build for me?

Most Off-the-Wall Crazy / Fun character concepts you can think of

Feyseducer - Mystic Theurge - Advice Wanted

Enhancement bonus to Charisma

Inquisitor for Strange Aeons

Gods for evil bards

Asian Flavored Gestalt

Player would like to play as an intelligent weapon

The 3rd Character for Ruins of Azlant

Best Budget Itwms for UMD

Frenemy in the Party

Tumor Familiars, What uses do they have?

Anyway to treat water like it doesn’t exist?

"Staff of the Monkey King" Artifact Help

What should I play in Wrath of the Righteous?

Eldritch Scoundrel VS Slayer / Horiozon Walker for Deminsonal Agility build

Best Familiar Archetypes

Survive the Giant Monster Encounter

100 ways the druids attack!!

Looking for Amazing Charge build

Synthesist tank advice

Gun Mage Build High level In need of Feat Advice

Need assistance choosing a character class

Gun Mage Build High level In need of Feat Advice

Cleric / Monk Touch Build Advice

Need help building some encounters

I need help pricing a few custom magical items

Arcanist character build

Is there any counter to scent, blindsight, or tremor sense?

Seeking help with Goliath Druid Build Outline

Help with character alignment?

Choice of Classes for This Tristalt Campaign?

Build Advice: Magus / Unchained Rogue

Divine and ranged-combatant, advice needed!

Shadow as a PC

Eldritch / blood line development

Help creating a custom monster

Help with character alignment?

Help with character alignment?

How would you build this Gestalt anti-party?

This may sound dumb, but is there a deity of sidewalks?

Blood Arcanist vs Sorcerer

Me unhappy - Need Ninja build with Rogue.

Elemental Slaying

Druid / Monk Character concept

Lv 14. party vs Lv. 20 Wizard

Assassin Creed kinda character help

Bullrush build help.

Character Creation: Ideas needed for how to mess with someone a little

A feat that's pretty much pure delicious flavor

Melee hex question

Please help me stat up a former herald

Looking for spooky character ideas (Not squicky / creepy, more light Halloween fun type spooky)

How to get most SLA's on a fighter

Help making a decent War Bull animal companion? (And some tips on building a angry farmer character)

Need helping making a Dragon Encounter Challenging / Terrifying. Please Help.

Trait that gives Stealth as class skill?

what is the best 'major magic' spell choice for knifemaster rogue?

Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A guide to shapeshifting

If Blackrazor was a creature...

Help with Prehensile Hair build Witch

Way to safely unmake an animated undead?

Advice on combat maneuvers brawler

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