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He killed my horse!

Heart Eating advice, and opinions on Norse Battle Maidens

How do you get an Imp familiar for a cleric?

Story Breaking Spells

Need some help with a situation

The single shot crossbowman

A character who does a total of 0HP damage over 20 levels

Feat progression thoughts for an Arcane Duelist

Idea for Campaign villian

Skirmisher / Skill Monkey Build - Let's try

Wraith Help

Gunslinger Build Help

Fun Paladin Build / Concept

Hit Points!

Thee's Thou's and Thine's Where do they go in speech?

She Turned Me into a Newt!

Campaign Suggestion

Eidolon Multiattack

Seeking advice on an upcoming build

The non-adaptive player... (advice)

Help on dungeon delver with shield

Need some help with a summoner

A Question of Social Interaction Among Dragon Types

Confusion with the Xp Rules

Creating guards

An exercise in creativity: What if you could only cast 1st level spells?

Which arcane character to play for pathfinder e6?

Two Weapon Paladin?

Pathfinder society submission idea: Big Boss with a difference

Sorcerer, and Wizards... How do I know which one is for me?

Lore Oracle build

Polearm Fighter build question

Aasimar palladin looking for feat advice

Character idea for game

New player looking for Inquisitor advice

Blind Ranger's Blues

I'm looking for a 3.5 spell for my Pathfinder game

Ranger tank

How My Ranger Stopped Encountering Undead

What do you all think?

Quick! I need a gestalt build for today...please

Lowest CR Construct

Reconciling Animate Dead with a Bones Oracle that worships Pharasma

Gish build with bonded weapon - DR problems

Ultimate Sniper

Pathfinder "nature race" with a bite attack?


Advice on a multiclassing bard

Inquisitor depth and breadth

Advice on Party Parity

Non-combat Encounters and Time

These nice undead templates...but how to get them?

Looking for ideal for feats and spells.

Need help explaining source of magic for Clerics, Paladins, and Inquisitors

Viable Wolf Shaman


Question on Roleplaying Classes

Kobolds, Whats for lunch?

Advise for creating a capstone for Zen Archer

Need possible rules clarification on OgreKin characters

Orc Bloodline Sorcerer Gish

Flail Feat

Inquisitors: Too narrowly focused?

[Need help] Dwarfen "Battle"-Priest

Please Review My Monster

Invulnerable Rager causing problems

Spear & Shield Melee Build

Ranged Ranger, trying to fit AA in

Question on True Neutrality

Advice setting up Magic Dangerous Zone

Designing CR 6 - 8 encounters

Ideas for silent image

Rage vs. Whirling Frenzy

What Template to Use?

Takeing Pixie down to a CR 2


Help with a Fighter build?

Carrier-sized monsters ?

New player wants a (any) good character for Crimson Throne adv. path!

Barbarian as "that guy who hulks out in a fight" but lives in town v. 0.1

"Tribal" bard - v 0.1

Advice on a Martial Cleric

Cleric Archer

A big thank you to everyone

Were characters?

How to Make a Club

Too Many Players!

AC on a cleric?

PFR Dungeon Generator?

Help with Cockatrice Cavalier

Group wanting Fast progression while Module says medium or slow.

Skeletal Dragon

lets optimize a kobold

Strategy for Improved Familiar

Silly Stats

Fruitless Search : Rogue Multiclass and Sneak Damage stack

Character Manager Software

What Item creation feats do you think is best for the party

Advice: Non-Combat Familiar Feats

Kung Fu Panda

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