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Question about assisted Magic Item creation feats

Help w / a Fan-Made Class / Archetype

Emissary archetype error?

Can Aasimars Sorcerers take the Abyssal or Infernal Bloodlines in PFS?

Kingmaker Part 2

Commonly Overlooked Rules

Looking for a Connection

Advice on GM'ing from campaign pack

Spell-less Synthesist

Homebrew Liquid Blade Feats

3.5 Cleric Build advice? Best 3.5 feats and spells?

NON-PFS rules question:

ROTRL shadow clock tower advice (ROTRL part 2 spoilers inside)

are there any legal classes that allow you to useint for your ac as well?

Monkeys or Bananas

Feedback on Houserule

101 Joinable Organizations

Advice on a new class

Can a Magus use a two-handed weapon with Spells trike or not?

Council of Thieves help / advice / ideas

How to deal with grappling PC's without breaking "run as written"

INT is an important stat for roleplaying.

Advise for Rise of the Rune Lords, but no spoilers

Let's play: Is that evil?

Is this Magic Item Reasonably Priced

Any Available PbP Campaigns for Nagaji PCs?

Half Elves, Elven Spirit and Lightbringer.

Need Feedback from GMs

Alvena Publishing Blog - Encounter Design Guide

Which 3pp are balanced?

Psionic melee pc advice

Converting a character from AD&D 2.0 to Pathfinder; looking for suggestions

I have a "Practicality" question for GMs ...

Put the PC's story background in Rise of the Runelords

New to runelords

Can someone suggest some specific minis for these characters?

Asmodeus worshipers and demon consorting

Forum dice roller

What is the most official, the most up to date, the most accurate?

Spellcasters - More Than One Spell A Round

Help Build Gogo from Movie Kill Bill.

Help me create Rumpelstilskin / Mr. Gold from Once Upon a Time

Has anybody DMed "J1 - Entombed With The Pharaohs"?

Metamagic: Necrotic Siphon...what would your +sl be?

Special materials and barding

Tech Level Consistency

Help! Way to determine who has posted and how often to a group?

Custom Minifigures

2 new sorcerer / wizard spells looking for feedback on.

Is 10 ranks enough for any skill?

Need your opinion on this : Spellstones

Addicted to Fireball

Rise of the Runelords - Taking all the enemies alive

Tower of the last baron twist. spoiler

Have my players PCs grown too big for Skull and Shackles?

Ranger: Value of Spells and Animal Companions in # of Feats?

Edward Elric...

Wolverine (Marvel) as a PC?

Feat Selection or Class Abilities (What Comes First)

Any PbP Campaigns for Goblin PCs?

Paizo completely contradicts itself with "Ghost" random encounter

[PFS] Who benefits most from Expedition Manager?

ClockWork Engineer - New Class - Feedback

Dazzling Display - What happens if you take damage?

Spiritual Weapon Net?

Advice in redoing d20 HP advancement

Dread class Ultimate Psionics advice needed

Wealthiest Nations

Antipaladins and Spells

Player wants to create a spell, not sure if it's balanced.

Doing atheists (Greycloaks) in Absalom?

I just don't understand how casters are better...

Shattered Star question

Most broken thing you can do at each level

How much conversion does the Duskblade need to be playable / balanced?


I need help with converting an older character to current Pathfinder.

Things you didn't know exist in Pathfinder

Final Fantasy Characters

Any advice for a first time DM running Rise of the Runelords?

So Skywalker, Madeline, and Celestia walk into a bar....

Racial Benefits or human fighter is not the same as a dwarf fighter.

Sinbad-esque paladin archetype

Advanced player guide

Build me a PFS character

Rise of the Runelords

I would appreciate some criticism

I would appreciate some criticism

New DM, Rise of The Runelords with 6 people, Any Advice?

Serpents Skull - Advice needed

Should living players be able to loot dead players?

Hard-to-find Miniatures

Spell Storing weapons and touch spells

Reach and AoO

The Power of GM Handwave (playing with less rules and more laid back)

Deep Walker Guide Ranger

So my DM is a jerk and I want to make a character to respond in kind

Help with a Homebrew Class

New DM, using Rise of the Runelords. Any advice?

Advice on Removing Full-Attacks?

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