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Dose urinating in combat provoke an attack of opportunity?

Help with legendary item.

[Hell's Vengeance] Evil Character and Protector of the People

Looking for Feat Recommendations for an Animal Companion

Help me build a musket master gunslinger

Looking for suggestions on 0 level druid spells

Honest I'm a good guy..disregard the undead horde.

Ways to cast spells not on class spell-lists

Beginning a lvl1-20 campaign as a skald-should i consider a bloodrager dip?

Mythic Permanency artifact

What does a high level melee character do vs ranged touch spells?

Bonuses for a Player who Just Got Knighted

Equivalent to bloodrager that doesn't rely on bloodrage?

Swarm Shifter Shenanigans!

Hitting Against AC w / 1 / 2 BAB Characters

PFS Legal Negative Channel Build Questions

Equipment choices.

Slayer Intimidate & reach denial Build

Richter Belmont Based Build

Fillable Neceros sheet?

Demi-Lancer: A Guide to Dipping Cavalier for a Mount

Max skill points for Int casting?

Cleric of Desna Question

Crafting, and the limits of the rules as written

making a Mesmerist / Arcane Trickster - unsure of what classes to use to fulfill requirements of A.T.

Is there an alternative to Magical Knack?

Calculating treasure earned per Level--What am I doing wrong?

Need help with a necromancer (Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse)...

Help for PFS bloodrager with very poor will saves

Fun class for NPC graverobber / bodysnatcher

Emotion-based effects?

single player Mythic

Should a Shadowdancer have Sneak Attack? (PFS)

Bloodrager with natural attacks

LVL 20 Brood master Summon LICH

Ganondorf The Great King of Evil

Hexcrafter magus with a dip in occultist?

Is there a way to demoralize with diplomacy?

The light steel quickdraw shield and attacking with 2h during your turn

Pathfinder class tiers?

So tempting to shout "Final countdown!"

Hinyasi Brawler second archetype

Magus and Unchained Action Economy...

Viable thrown weapon builds

Dragon's Demand - PCs want to negotiate

Tetori Monk + Constructed Pugilist / Strangler Brawler=Insane Grappler?

Interesting low level treasures?

Only 1 Level of PFS Play: What Kind of Character?

New weapon design for Magus

Map advice - school / university

Monk, Armed or Unarmed? Is an armed monk viable?

Need help with Arcane Trickster Spells

Gambling Mini-Games

Nat attacks first, then Unchained FOB (feral combat training)

Making an adventuring character viable... when s / he's wearing a full plate and / or a heavy / tower shield.

Creating a Pathfinder character based on Teemo from League of Legends! Help Please!

What are the Pathfinder 1.0 classes relying the least on the player's dice rolls?

Making a "Beard" familiar - How to protect it ?

All around best Improved Familiar

Inquisitor of Torag: To Shield or Not to Shield?

Ultimate spy?

Help with CREATING Marvel Comics character VENOM!?!

Lawful Allignment Ideas

Blue Scarf for Swashbuckler op?

Face Warrior

Teamwork feats, bards / skalds, and defensive characters

Items for an auction of evil

Loot recycling and fight-clubs

Familiar Archetype selection

Human Fey magic, spell suggestions

Help! Can it be done? Oozemorph Shifter in PFS?

Ancestor Oracle: Where to go from here?

Campaign Advice: Why Are All the Dragons Gone?

Paladin Divine Bond advice

Pilot Skill conversion

searching for ways to increase teamwork feat bonus

Do / should Bladed Brush and Slashing Grace work together?


Character choices (feats, etc) for a Slayer in a pirate-themed sandbox campaign

Hellknight / Investigator

Random Archipelago generator

Got an Arcane Trickster that needs help

Extend Spell and Cleric Spells

What Classes do better in a low Point-buy game(15)?

Guide to Familiars in Pathfinder by SunderedShadow

Crossblooded Bloodrager / titan fighter with larger butcher's axe

DM PC "anti-villain" for a Gestalt Campaign

Synthesist Summoner Characteristics and feat requirements

Monk Eidolon

Bard casting off int?

The Butterfly Knight

Goblin Inquisitor

Looking for a good capstone to an intimidate-based character

Ways to gain permanent natural attacks, and what to do with them.

Choice for 2 PC Reign gestalt campaign

Yin-yang Lycanthropy paladin

Is there a cursed "dog toy" item for companions or familiars?

Weretouched Shifter Multiclass

Safe Way to Ship Gold

Paladin Build Guidance (Too many options! lol)

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