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Aether kineticist, would this mod be broken?

How would you make a "small house" eidolon.

Is a low AC, High HP / Damage mitigation focused tank viable?

A Magus Arcane Trickster Build from a Newbie

Ways to avoid Raging Vitality?

Gathlain Warpriest of Seramaydiel with a blowgun...

Technological Equipment for Monks

Are Fireweapons even viable?

Help deciding between two races for my seasinger bard

Is there any reason a Psychic or really anyone shouldn't wear armor? (Excluding monks)

Ways to fool tremorsense?

Unchained Summoner with Quadruped Eidolon Build Help?

Spell and Feat Advice for an odd bard in an odd campaign

Mutation warrior natural attacks help

Why the Magus gets that extra attack (and why your GM should be okay with it)!

Best way to activate Blood Frenzy Style

Psionic Zen Archer: Mental Murder From Afar

Encounter Ideas for city adventure?

Scared Players

Eldritch Font Build?

Hottest fire around?

Help me challenge my players

I Wish I Was Big (How to make my character taller / bigger?)

Cheezing Dips for Early Flight Mastery

Empyrean Angel Paragons

Scenario Search- Weddings & Duels

WIS Based Qinggong FarStrike Monk 11 / Spearman Marksmen 9(Psionic)

Looking for unique ways to exorcise / end possession (Curse of the Crimson Throne spoilers)

Wizard book familiar

Wealth for one-book adventure

Ustalav options

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

How can i create a martial character to achieve a similar level of power as a caster?

Quick question about Familiars as plot drivers

A Change in Scenery

Suggestions for mildly optimized UMonk / Eldritch Scoundrel

Looking for feedback on an Archmage's Sanctum.

Help New Player, Build Advice Armiger / Hell Knight

Medium of Kurgess

Friend Wants to Play Groot!

What would be a good 11th level feat and talent for this sniper build?

Race and Stat Advice for Flowing Monk / Staff Magus Character

Blind fight feat how useful

Rondelero Duelist: Exploiting Strong Swing? (part rules question)

Auto Bonus Progress.... in Adventure Path?

Clergy of Pharasma's opinion on Dhampirs?

Sorcerer and Metamagic

Help me make a magical trap

Advice on Shaman or Oracle build & rules question

Advice on Character Reset

Build Advice for a Duskwalker Divine Hunter / Sentinel for Tyrants Grasp AP

Mood Music Advice

Best starting class for a Kobold Scaled Disciple Dragon Disciple?

Considering Playing a Full Caster But not sure what one

Starfinder to Pathfinder Backwards Conversion Question.

I Throw a Rock at it!

Dual Katana Tengu Slayer Advice

Adjusting a character for a different race

PFS Prodigy boon ideas and advice

Optimize character - Magus Hexcrafter LVL 4 Rogue Rake LVL 1

Archetype stacking

Help me rationalize this disguise

Gamemaster improvement podcast???

Magus tanking with a dip

Advice for a Pyro-Kineticist. (or for kineticist in general)

Hiding an evil PC from a paladin at level 1

The Happy Olde Wizard

Online GM in distress, need some tips!

Being a gm in reign of winter

High Level (CR ~16) Plot Seed: The Lord of Life

Question about God Healing

Geas To Build an Army?

Which room should I use for eating in? (Designing an archmages sanctum)

Cthullu and the Great Old Ones


Building an 11 level character wizard. Please help

Highest damage spells?

Companion Ranged Attacks

Arcane dip for Sword and Flail Fighter?

Changing Slam attacks damage type

Necromancer builds

Mitigating Enervation Spam

AM and AMY

Monster King Orochi

Best Earth-Based Character Build

Monster Race Suggestions for a PC Build

Maaah Maaaghus! Story RP future and character background ideas? And Arcana Spell scar suggestions.

Dream Thief?

Wizard Tricks

Scythe wielding gish caster

Is the Chararacter Overpowered, the Polymorph Overpowered, or Natural Attacks Overpowered?

Best non-core spells?

Is double-barrel pistol even worth it?

Any psychic casters aside occult and sorcerer bloodline?

Speaker of the Palatine Eye for Carrion crown.

Advice for creating a colossal Necromantic "Venus Fly-trap Plant-esque" monster

Quick Question, Lunge and Defensive Stance

High Powered Party Challenges!

Level one sorcerer.

Need help with a build PF 1E

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