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Ramen Sandwich Press launches Kickstarter for Pathfinder OGL modules

DSP mage hunter prc

Options for Oracle's Spell Perfection

What exactly is considered a 'mythic attack'?

Upgrading A Magic Item

Do I have to use clustered shots if I am not trying to kill something?

Hover feat and Obscuring Mist / Solid Fog

Pilfering Hand - bonus for being invisible

Flanking - third PC

Magically enchanted Splash Weapons.

[PFS] Making It Work: Slayer-Mesmerist SA-Build

Shadow demon stepping out of sunlight.... its options?

Hag coven casting time

Dragon-themed Wuxia advice

Martial Character help

Help on Wild shape player via Dawnflower anchorite built & related question

Ideal enemies to use Fleshworm Infestation against

Landing on your head.

Are monster names in the Bestiaries open game content?

Slayers and Lenses of Predator's Gaze

New metamagic feat

Spit Venom and Sneak Attack

Major Creation Question

Whip Wielding Summoner?

Dragon Cult

Looking for help making a Shadow Eidolon into a real Shadow

When to resolve choices for summon spells

Invisibility and spell manifestations

Sneaky flanking buddy

Flying Unseen Servant, can it be done?

Dragon carrying horse away (need picture)

Ice King’s Crown? (Adventure Time)

Reverse Gravity vs Air Walk

Chaining Poisoned Egg and Alchemical Tinkering for alchemical items

Succubus kiss

Downscaling a Kraken

Kineticist with Natural Attacks: Make Me a Monster

Treesinger Druid Companion buff spells.....

[False Machine Publishing] EZG reviews Uncertain Worlds (system neutral)

Arcane strike and splash weapon

Crafting Bonuses

Savage Technologist?

The Mimic Key (Campaign idea)

Hazards and challenge ratings

Building a 11th level Cleric

The Extremely Frosty Mystic Theurge

Adventurer's Guide missing feat?

realm works vs d20pro?

DSP PoW Advanced Study feat Q

[Purple Duck Games] EZG reviews Ithreians of Porphyra

Core Sorcerer building

What are we doing wrong with summoning?

Switching out the UC summoners "summon monster" SLA

Is spiritualist utterly terrible or am I missing something.

Magical weapon

New builds

Building Cable (from Marvel) in Pathfinder

Need a cheat sheet for Martial Flexbility

Alignment drift for evil characters

Skeleton Natural Armor Changes?

Animated armor for a party "companion"

Oracle Misfortune: can she use it on herself?

Gamla hands

Eratta for 1st edition books

Bracers of Falcon's Aim?

Why do you play?

Skulls and Shackles water kineticist advice

How do you Polymorph into a Gargoyle?

Joke magic items, spells etc.

Nercocraft control

Evil gloating

Would like some Stonelord help

Jav. Srt-spear. spear, longspear.

Sohei monk question

Best way to build Jarlaxle Baenre in PFS?

Where can i find a set of Dragonkin tokens for an online game

Codex of Blood: New Initiator Class / Archetypes from Lost Spheres Publishing

Codex of Blood: New Initiator Class / Archetypes from Lost Spheres Publishing

Melee Suggestions for High Dex Investigator?

Viking Fighter build concept.

Monster Slayer build - Colour out of Space

Pinning Shot Deed - Multiple Attacks / Targets

[Purple Duck Games] EZG reviews Hybrid Class: Lurker

[Larves Autophage] EZG reviews The Mourning Daughter (revised edition)

[Everyman Gaming] EZG reviews Everyman Minis: Rage Options

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews 20 Things: Fort on the Borderlands (system neutral)

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews 20 Things: Wilderness Campign (system neutral)

Ideas for torture methods?

How to get Rend.

Animal Companion: Cat, Medium (Cougar, Puma, Mountain Lion, Panther)

Monk Familiar?

Your Best Game Ever! on Kickstarter closes in two hours

Tumultuous Spell + Spell Blast Revelation

owning a business?

Whimsy Oracle Spell Suggestion?

NPCs and Foes - ABP?

Toxic Words + Gift of Concsumption

Mesmerist Eyebiter Archetype Staring Eye Ability

Staff of the Master, other then Necro

The Wrath of the Gatekeepers Campaign serial adventures kickstarter for Pathfinder and 5th Edition is live!

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