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Fudging Rolls: Yea or Nay?

The best way to make someone Sickened?

Does Teleportation Mastery taken via Advanced Weapon Training (Feat) count as a combat feat?

Concealed / hidden weapon, sleight of hand, surprise round, actions available? Official ruling?

Socket Bayonets and Two-Weapon Fighting?

Inspiring bloodrager

Campaign advice please

Does Concealment protect against spells?

What Creature or Creatures Are the Opposite of Celestials?

inquisitor multi-class

Input on homebrew drawback / boon for spheres of power

Advice on my Halfling Support Tank

100+ Random terrain


Who likes to GM Gestalt games?

Smuggler's Vault

Banner Stacking

Shaman Advice - Suggestions for Possible Changes

Duration of Air Barrier Wind Shaman Hex

Why does everyone recommend Death Ward?

Shriezyx attacks

Wondering if there will be a Mythic Adventures: Pocket Edition?

[Pyromaniac Press] EZG reviews What Lies Beyond Reason Campaign Guide II

Ioun Kineticist - Ion Buffer Question.

Creating Monsters for a fun campaign (wow)

Important doubt about Fiendish Summoning

Best Dip for a Gun Using Eldritch Archer

Canine quasi-PC

What kinds of things would be in an Evil Wizard's Library room?

Stat distribution "play it where it lies"

Court Poet Skald and Rage Powers

Are there any LE idiot races? (preferably humanoid?)

Orc Goliath Druid Favored Class Alternative Bonus

Abyssal Blood Rager and Monstrous Form 2

extra Granary in same Settlement? [Ult.Camp.]

Spark of life, is the kinetisict sharing any senses with the elementals?

Day's resurgence domain ability (day subdomain): what does it refresh?

Robe, Monk’s with taking Monk as a secondary class in the Variant Multiclassing option?

Shotgun Double Barreled and Feats

Half-Orc Goblins

Spells at Multiple Levels

Frontliner Advice for ToEE

Which is the correct version of Bloodroot? Core or UE?

Celebrity Perks Talent: Is a service an "item"? Animals?

Hell's Rebels: Gray Paladin or Courtly Hunter?

What god do krakens worship?

Rappan Athuk Wizard advice

Advice on Cleave

Are ranged attack projectiles considered unattended objects?

multi-class, then return to original class?

Do we have Paizo sales numbers?

101 Cursed items

Classes as social tendencies in the Pale Sky

Do Dhampir count as undead?

cleric ruling

DM Advice: Encounter Seed Ideas

If i wanted to use perform (sing) to shatter wine glasses, how do?

Rule you never see used though it is RAW

Inquisitor With +38 AB At Level 12?

Way to get an aditionnal domain?

PLEASE NO SPOILERS, but help me live! (buff recommendations)

Making the Most of Conductive Weapon

Creatures that make interesting zombies

Tips on Buffing Up the Mystic Theurge Class

So, are we seriously wrapping up 1E without an XXXXXX class option?

Paladin Code of Korada

Mass Combat Morale

Summon Monster - What counts as Expensive Material?

PFS - Reliable Reduce Person for Non-Caster?

Worldbuilding Exercise - Get 5 Random Races, Build a Setting

Frog shifter Tongue???

Butler Skills?

Is there any evil prankster type monster?

Charge build, with or without a mount?

Artifact Questions

Touch spells and hexes

Activation a Hazard

If i wanted to use perform (sing) to shatter wine glasses, how do?

Multiple sources gaining "2 claw attacks"

Race builder - why do large humanoids only have 5 ft reach?

Normal Druid or totem animal archetype?

Making a Kineticist construction worker / real estate salesman

Activation a Hazard

Advice for my crossbow priestess?

Are mariliths always female?

Generating Capital with Buildings

Cleave and Cleaving finish

Craft a Magic Shotgun

BRING ME THANOS... revisions!

Perfumer alchemist

Slayer Sneak Attack damage with multiple attacks

Trying to turn a 3.5 Warlock into a pathfinder world character

Contingency question

phantom limb and immune to incorporeal attacks

Sunder Special Weapon Quality

Named Bullet, Stunning Critical, and Dastardly Finish

Familiar Class skills and Master Skill Ranks. (YAPGC)

Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Arcanist and Opposition School

Obedience or Death?

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