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Slurk riding and imbalance

life oracle feat help?

Ultimate Campaign Errata

fighting defensively and casting spells requiring touch attacks

Counting as Human for the Favored Class Bonus

Poison Check

[Frog God Games] EZG reviews Menace in Ravenreach

Creating a Gambling Player / Character

trying a pfs intimidate / DR barbarian. advice / rate for the build please

BBEG for closing up a major subplot of a campaign Monk / Sorc / DD

Pathfinder Hardcovers Available

Pathfinder Product Checklist (Updated June 2019 - And probably complete)

Building a world

Are there any ugly celestials?

100 or more Space Ship, Installation, or Base Rooms

Item Pricing Question

Another question about Hold Person.

Could someone clear up a question about summoning for me?

Planar Binding, Dimensional Anchor and Dismissal

Question about creatures with wish 1 / day as a spell like ability

I have several questions about cratfing woundrous items

help with a custom evil spell

Cyclic Reincarnation after Reincarnation

Is using a magical device to “force” a neutral or evil person to be good considered an evil act?

Does True Strike work with Black Tentacles?

Is Pathfinder Fridays gone for good?

Pathfinder Jedi

Phalanx fighter question

Half-Balor Template

Disguise Self limitations

Void Scythe weapon questions

Oracle - Oceans Echo Inspiring Song

Oath of Vengeance + Tempered Champion

Help pick a "tank" design for barbarian, UC Armored Hulk AC vs Invuln Rager DR

Thriae Homebrew Race

Leshy Creation Ritual Cost

Changing an adventure path for 6 players

Caltrop Beads clarification

“Use Your ‘x’ level instead of bab

Unique house rules for a game.

Build Help: Warrior Poet / Swashbuckler / Duelist Wombo Combo

Allowing for "one big attack" builds by giving free vital strike?

Advanced Race Guide (Potential Errors)

Menzo Drow campaign, need simple ideas for mini adventures.

[Purple Duck Games] EZG reviews Nagaji of Porphyra (Porphyra RPG)

Proper Skirmishing Procedure

As the GM, How Much Should I Pull My Punches

please explain "unchained" classes

please explain "unchained" classes

What should new players know about Golarion?

DMing enemy NPCs, prioritzing PCs, and how to go about it.

War-priest or Inquisitor Dual Wakizashi build help

Aberrant Black Blood Bloodrager?

Holy Sword Clarification?

What are your favorite archetypes that stack?

Blood Arcanist with Sylvan bloodline help.

Pathfinder Unchain Variant Multiclassing - The Witch

Mount, forced march and Handle Animal

War-priest or Inquisitor Dual Wakizashi build help

Importing Magic Items?

Iomedae Inspired Achievement List

Training Charisma IC?

101 Celestial Bodies In Your Solar System

Really could use Build Advice Martial Armorist

Form of the dragon and manufactured weapons?

Shield Rules

Captain America Build

Encounter difficulty in a homemade module

Archetypes Errata

The Congeries - A Swarm "Racial" Class

Helpless Condition

Lv 5 melee cleric

Living Grimoire Blessed Script and Swift-action Spells

Alternatives to High Intelligence Bonus Languages

The Current State of Unchained Summoner

Trying to make artillery team work

What Golarion Calendar day would the Solstices be on?

Divine Favor Q

Thinking of making a good natured Gnone necromancer.

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Question about offering for new fiends

Fighter Weaons Training and weapons Focus cahin of feats

[Path of War] Charging, bullrush, and bonus damage from maneuvers.

flank with big creature

Help me flush out a Weretouched Shifter / Unchained Barbarian build

Evolved summoned monster + Special attacks (Rake and Powerful charge)

Mystic Theurge

Split Slot domain slot?

Spell list comparison

Battering blast and Mages crossbow

Lever action rifle.

Serious doubts with the alignment

[Legendary Games] Conquest: Rage of Wyrms AP announced!

Can a spell-like ability be cast into a Ring of Spell Storing?

Idea for Mana potion...

[Rhetoric Studios] Reaver Class Handbook - Open Playtest

Does Imprisonment work on an Eidolon?

Prowler at World's End Bloodrager Archetype Questions

Recommendations! LF modules / encounters for a side mission to provide bonding moment for a new player to the group

Lord and saviour masterwork studded leather armour barding?

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