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“Blood of Fiends” Inspired Non-Human Tieflings.

[Spoiler] Thuvian Alchemist (Not Really for Alchemists)

[Sargava: The Lost Colony] Elephant Stomp Feat

[Faiths of Purity] Tap Inner Beauty

[Faiths of Purity] Apsu doesn't grant spells

[Dwarves of Golarion] Pahmet

Wut? Pointless Cavalier Order Skill?

Witches Prehensile Hair and Touch Spells

Will we see a return to nation based companions?

Will we receive volume one with the start of Second Darkness?

Will we ever see a...

Will there ever be a Blood of Dragons or a Blood of Elements accessory for players?

Why does no one discuss the Chosen One archetype?

Who was the artist?

Which Player Companions have Additional Rooms?

Where is this particular magic item?

When will we see 'Kobolds of Golarion'?

When will we see "Flumphs of Golarion"?

Whatever happened to 'Dwarves of Golarion?'

What Races Do We Want Companions for Now?

What mythic player options would you like to see in a mythic Player Companion?

What is this product line for?

What is Qadiran Affinity?

Were there new traits in the Osirion Companion?

Warriors of Andoran Musings

Viking archtype...

Varisian Companion?

Various Varmints

Various Pathfinder Companions for sale

Valet Familiar Archetype & Teamwork Feats

Undead Slayer's Handbook: FAQs, Errors, and Errata

Undead Slayer's Companion Missing Traits



Torchbearer Question

Topic Brainstorm! One for the Good Guys

Topic Brainstorm! Enviroments: What do you Want to See?

Tieflings in Cheliax

Thundercaller Errata?

Thanks a LOT, Wesley Schneider.

Taldor Companion: Can't wait!

The Summoner's Eidolon!

Summer 2010 Pathfinder Companions Announced

Suggestion for Companion Line

Suggestion for a future Pathfinder Companion

Subscription question

stuff that is no longer on print on here only pdf

The panorama artwork in Dungeoneer's Handbook deserves its own thread

Paizo Blog: You Gotta Have Faith!

The Inquisitor & Faiths of Purity

The Harrow Handbook (FAQ / Errata)

The frakkin X-mas Tree Effect: How to minimize its impact in play?

The Carry Companion Spell from Knights of the Inner Sea, a clarification

Blog: You're Going to Backstab Him with a Ballista?!

Blog: You Will Never Find a More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy!

Blog: You Gotta Have Faith!

Blog: You Gotta Have Faith!

Blog: With a Little Help From My Friends!

Blog: Wind Blows, Fire Burns, Water Falls...

Blog: Where There's a Whip, There's a Way!

Blog: What You Do Not Smell is Called Iocane Powder!

Blog: What is Dead May Never Die

Blog: Well, I *Am* Psychic, You Know!

Blog: We Are All Made of Stars!

Blog: Walk With the Animals, Talk With the Animals!

Blog: Trust and Your Faith Shall Provide!

Blog: To Obtain, Something of Equal Value Must Be Lost

Blog: The Dose Makes the Poison!

Blog: Tengu and Catfolk, and Grippli, Oh My!

Blog: Tenacity and Trapsmithing in a Pint-Sized Package!

Blog: Seize Primal Power!

Blog: See the Eyes of the Demon—Before He Comes Calling!

Blog: Rollin' on the River!

Blog: Please State The Nature Of Your Medical Emergency!

Blog: Only the Journey is Written, Not Its Destination!

Blog: One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime!

Blog: My Teeth Are Like Swords! My Claws, Spears!

Blog: My Friend, We Seek Good! But Our Definitions Don't Quite Match...

Blog: Know When to Hold 'Em!

Blog: Keep the Lights Out!

Blog: It's a Little Tight Across the Chest!

Blog: It's a Kind of Magic!

Blog: It Came From the Sea!

Blog: If You Run, You'll Only Die Tired.

Blog: If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It!

Blog: I'll Grind His Bones to Make My Bread!

Blog: I Make it a Rule Never to Get Involved With Possessed People!

Blog: I Like to Keep This Handy... For Close Encounters!

Blog: Goody Two, Goody Two, Goody Goody Two-Shoes!

Blog: Fighting the Good Fight!

Blog: Every Hero Needs an Origin Story!

Blog: E-vil, Like it's the Fru-it of the De-vil!

Blog: Don't Raise Your Eye, It's Only Teenage Wasteland!

Blog: Do Not Take Me for Some Conjurer of Cheap Tricks!

Blog: Do Not Take Me for Some Conjurer of Cheap Tricks!

Blog: Come Now Miss Moneypenny!

Blog: Carry On, My Wayward Son—and Daughter!

Blog: A Trinket From Every Town!

Blog: A Mind Needs Books as a Sword Needs a Whetstone!

Blog: "Why Don't You Train Us to Be Top Fighters... And We'll Avenge Them!"

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