Rules Questions

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On Progressions and Deep Maths

Chalenge Ratings and Treasures for NPC

Invisibility and Flanking

Is this a crafted munchkin item?

Attack clarification in Bestiary please ("commas", "or", "and")

Confusion with the Zombie Template (Bestiary Pg. 288)

Rules clarification-A bit confused how the Trample ability works.

Wizard Spell Preparation, A Flaw?

Con increases retroactive?

Combat Riding and Paladin Mounts

Errata: Half-Elves & Favored Class bonus

Seekers of Secrets: Dilettante feat

NOOB Druid Questions

[Bestiary Bug?] Duergar missing abilities?

Mounts+Riding for Dwarf

Magic and Flanking

Orcs and Low-light Vision (Bestiary Pg.222)

Ranged Attack with Charge in surprise round

Question about Feint

Why are weapon energy effects "command word activated"?

Weapon Focus - Range and Touch Spells

In which way do permant attribute bonuses influence the chars ability to cast spells?

Wall of Fire / Ice Templates Question?

Frightful Presence - so am I running away or just shaken or what?

Undead can bleed?

Arcane Archer

Vulnerabilities Of Swarms

How long does dazzling display last?

SR and Potions?

Intimidate on Animals?

NPC Clerics and Channeling overdose

Adept NPC Class - Access to Orison ability?

Can a golem be blinded?

Divine Bond Animal Companion

Poison and multiple doses

Extended Illusion Question

Interactions between draconic bloodline and dragon disciple

Bardic Performance & Magic Questions

Casting from a scroll

Bestiary: Attack explanation

Has ECL changed?

Are there a list of differences between 3.5 and PF?

Feat Question

Permanent Enhancement Bonuses

Death Domain and Channeling question

Handling more than one Animal?

Monster racial skill bonuses

Fly Skill and flying up at greater than half speed?

Multi classing into wizard at 2nd level

Base Attack Bonus question

Celestial / fiendish creatures and rounding

Extra Channel question

Polymorphing into Monstrous Humanoids

Monster Class Level Question

Can you Overrun through a character and continue a Charge?


Paladin Ability Questions


Shield bashing and Imp. Two weapon fighting...

Mage Hand question

Uncanny Dodge and Feint

Arcane Strike... Who can use it ?

Hag Coven spells

Catch Off-Guard feat

Selective channeling and LoS

Acrobatics used to "Tumble"

Fighters and Mithril Armor

Elven Chain and other questions

Magic Items Creation Question

Cleric / Paladin Multiclass

Nimbus of Light

Channel Smite and Full Attack

Level 20 rogue sneak attack question


How does Magic Shield Enhancments (Defense + Offense enchanments) work together?

Animal Companion Restrictions

Unusual Cohorts

Magic item creation question

What is the Command Undead Feat Duration?

Silver Wp doing -1 dmg

Adepts and 0th Level Orisons

Does Pathfinder have a table for random generated encounters

Spellcraft And Learning New Wizard Spells

New Trap - Freezing Room Trap *help*

Order of the Glass Jaw (or: Monks with good CMB, bad CMD)

Is there a way for a Druid to get an elemental as a companion?

Pit fiend in Bestiary and Quickened fireball

Stealth while riding a mount?

Abilities of the Sai

Darkmantle Damage

Settle down geppetto, its just a misprint.

Several Rule Clarifications

GM Conundrum: Calculating CR with Adventure Path confusion

Arcane bond question - wanting official answer

2 about Improved Saving Throw

Official Rulings Needed

Combat Maneuver Bonus

Casting a spell from a scroll

Spell Like Abilities + Ability Mod.

Vital Strike, Deadly Strike, Spring Attack and Cleave

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