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Ask the Pathfinder Tales Tellers all your questions here.

Paizo Blog: Whatcha Want, Fiction Fans?

What is Happening With the PF Tales Line?!?!?

News: Paizo is partnering with Tor for Pathfinder Tales Novels!

Who Should Write the Pathfinder Novel?

Prince of Wolves - Dave Gross's Pathfinder NOVEL!!!

Pathfinder fiction? Short stories, novels, etc?

Paizo Blog: Where to Next?

Pathfinder Novels by Ed Greenwood or Elaine Cunningham

Which Pathfinder Iconic would you like to read about?

Pathfinder novels

Paizo Blog: A Farewell to Web Fiction

Paizo Blog: Room For Improvement

Novels set in Golarion

PTBC - Death's Heretic

Guessing Characters' Perfumes

PTBC - The Redemption Engine

Paizo Blog: Dave Gross: Stat Up My Characters!

Pathfinder Tales Book Club

Pathfinder Fiction Chronology

Pathfinder Poetry "The Flyting of Cailean's Hall" (limerick epic for St. Patrick’s Day 2011 & Mark Moreland)

Paizo Blog: Free Pathfinder Tales Audiobook!

Elaine Cunningham's Winter Witch

Prince of Wolves: Questions from the Author

Pathfinder Fiction Announced!

Zarina's Fate from Pirate's Promise (Spoiler Alert)

How old is Count Varian Jeggare?

The Golarion Novel

PTBC - Nightglass

The Plot Hole

Novels and Pathfinder

Blog: Pathfinder Tales Three-for-All!

Pathfinder Tales Audiobooks Need a New Narrator

Novels as Audiobooks

Paizo Blog: Certainty--Chapter One: The Crusade

Prince of Wolves - How Is It?

Blog: Liar! LIAR! LI-A-A-AR!

PTBC - Pirate's Promise

Paizo Blog: Certainty--Chapter Four: The Stone

Paizo Blog: The Lost Pathfinder--Chapter Four: Behind The Curtain

Pathfinder Fiction

Best of: Pathfinder Tales! Go!

Pathfinder novels?

Author I'd like to see work with for Pathfinder Tales

Paizo Blog: A Pirate's Life

Paizo Blog: The Fencing Master

Paizo Blog: Behind the Book—Hellknight

PTBC - Nightblade

Paizo Blog: Elyana Rides Again!

Paizo Blog: Audible and Kindle!

PTBC - Firesoul

More epubs?

Paizo Blog: The Lost Pathfinder--Chapter One: The Solarium

Queen of Thorns review SPOILER HEAVY (Didddddd I mention spoilers)

Question about Dave Gross's Novels

Paizo Blog: The Secret of the Rose and Glove--Chapter Four: The Silver Maiden's Key

Paizo Blog: The Illusionist

Paizo Blog: The Weeping Blade

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Fiction News and Podcast!

Paizo Blog: Winter Is Coming

PTBC - Forge of Ashes

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Fan Fiction Contest Winners!

Whispering Tyrant novel?

PTBC - Winter Witch

Paizo Blog: Armored

Paizo Blog: Cruel Fate

PTBC - City of the Fallen Sky

Paizo Blog: Tell Me About My Characters

PF Paladin Novels

Paizo Blog: Inheritance

Paizo Blog: Prince of Wolves Sample Chapter!

Pathfinder Fiction Thought

Paizo Blog: The Perfumer's Apprentice--Chapter One: The Flowers of Calistria

Paizo Blog: Lord of Penance--Chapter Three: The Temple By Night

PTBC - The Worldwound Gambit

Paizo Blog: Armored

Paizo Blog: Armored

Novels based on Adventure Paths

Paizo Blog: Mordicai Knode Interviews Dave Gross, Part 1

Paizo Blog: Fact and Fiction

Paizo Blog: Killing Time

PTBC - Skinwalkers

PTBC - Plague of Shadows

A hopeful request...

Tales "rating"?

Paizo Blog: The Perfumer's Apprentice--Chapter Four: The Scent of Honeysuckle

Paizo Blog: Inheritance

Paizo Blog: The Patch Man

Paizo Blog: Let Slip the Orcs of War!

A Kevin Andrew Murphy novel (or two) would be fine!

Paizo Blog: Queen of Thorns Tops Locus Bestsellers!

Will there be ePub versions of newer Web Fiction available soon?

Pathfinder novels?

PTBC - Stalking the Beast

Zae, Keren and Appleslayer are getting a novel :))))

Iconic NPC Codex?

Salim Ghadafar?

Paizo Blog: The Nex Step

Paizo Blog: Thieves Vinegar

Paizo Blog: Writing the Through the Gate in the Sea

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