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Customer Service

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Order 7667700

Cannot Download PFS Scenarios

Cancel Subscription

Order # 8030131

Order # 8039445

Order 8041329

Tyrant's Grasp Book 6-Order says Pending / No PDF available yet

Need help with ordering a subscription.

Order 7959148

July 2019 New Releases, Subscriptions, & Gen Con Pickup

I cannot buy anything because of your system process

Complimentary society subscription

Order #7767088

Order won't go through

Cancel Subscriptions

Charged twice for pdf and didnt even fulfill the order

Sidecart...what's up with this?

Order 7737525 wrong AP start

Order 7916623 - Over a week and no response

Pathfinder Society Ongoing Subscription - no orders?

Age Of Ashes 01 PDF error

Missing Society Scenarios

Can't place an order

Double charged, no email, and no download link for PF2 PDF

Order 8032628 and 7829121

Order 8032628 and 7829121

Shopping cart

Order 7974028

Pathfinder AP Subscription Question

Subscription Golarion’d

canceling item in sidecart

order 7747359

Order 7986288

Change Starfinder Subs to PAthfinder 2e Subs

Order 7945991

Order 7986245

Issues with order 7965636 and subscriptions

Please cancell pending order 8082022

Cancel my subscriptions please

Voucher code not accepted

The Viridian Veil

2E Core Rule Book (special edition) Duplicated & Missing Page Prints

Cabcel all SF subscriptions

PF2 CRB Pending for 4 Weeks. Bestiary Delivered.

Problems regarding subscriptions

Order 8005766

Can not access PF2 pdf’s from delivered preorder.

Can't complete an order

Cancel preorder and missing society pdfs

Order Request

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription Status

canceling subscription and order question

Lost Omens subscription issue

Cancelling some items and tweaking some subs - Low Priority!

Please unsubscribe me...

Lost Omens World Guide Download

with second ed coming out will i be able to buy the old stuff as well as the t new stuff?

Cancel subscriptions


Cancel Order

Order 5314450 -backordered products

Order #7855594

Please cancel my pending order(s)

Damaged Product

Cancel order

Please cancel my subscription

Please cancel my Pathfinder Society subscription

Cancel Subscriptions

Cancel SFS Subscription

Cancel all my subscribtion

Cancel Subscriptions

PFS2 - 2 characters numbered 2001

Cancel my Starfinder Adventure Path Subscription

Cancel SFRPG & Confirm Existing Discount

Cancel Subscription

Order 8065008

Cancel my subcriptions

Subscription Cancellation

Subscription cancelation


Missing SFS Scenarios and Inactive Paizo Advantage

Re: Order 7918262

Problem with pathfinder society subscription

Is anybody there?

Legendary Adventures Subscription Pricing Correct?

Order 7968577

Order 7934309

Book shipped to wrong address

Order 7965328 still pending

Society downloads for August didn't happen

Subscription Order 7961754

Some Mild Confusion Regarding Subscriptions

Order 8061386

About Mail Innovations Tracking.

Order 7977809

Reset Organized Play Number

I am having trouble with my Lost Omens subscription

PFS 2e Character Undelete

Starfinder Book Bindings

Subscription Shipping Costs.

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