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RPG Superstar Questions

An artificer's homunculus...

Very cool

Handling Voting Irregularities?

Question: Are Greater / Lesser versions of items considered 1 item or two?

Entry question: Cost to create

Design a Country- What are you all doing?

Spelling and Grammar

Soooooo..... Hmmm....

Judges: Round Two Instructions?


SRD Question: Knock-Down Feat

Formatting Question: Tables

60 words left - should I include method behind my madness?

Team / Collaboration Entries

Convention Event

Unsure if submission processed....

Man... you've got to be kidding me

Stupid attack

Clark says: Competition Still Wide Open!

Rejected Submission IP question

Post Submission Blues

Psionic Items?

Format question

Missed it by that much!

Format Question: WotC IP

What if we goofed? (Please respond)

I wanna be an RPG Superstar!

I missed the deadline too, here goes:

Missed the deadline

Hardcover cover credit?

Missed the deadline - all shook up

This is gonna be a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g 2 weeks

Important! In case we do not make it to Round 2...

Word Count

Ahh, submitted...

Don't put your name in the text of the submission

Clark Says: Give yourselves a hand!

Oops, found a typo post submission

How many entered?

Tip from one of the Judges

Thanksgiving Day

Upcoming deadlines seem a bit steep?

Most expensive item submitted?

Second String Items

Item Design Master Class

A Judge's Tip to Cut the Suspense of Waiting

After the 32 are chosen

Proposal- Sub section for Wondrous Items accepted and not

Future Rounds of the Superstar Contest?

Auto-Rejection Reasons

Contest Concern

"I can't find the country submit button" or "I've got the SRD blues"

Feedback on submissions

Round 2 Assignment Questions--Taking Your Input

With less than 27 hours until the winners are announced ...

Good luck from the Judges

Aw man, I think the clock is slow ...

And we are essentially done...

Discuss your wondrous item

Odd request

Can I try just one more time?

What happens with all these cool wondrous items?


That format they hate

Able to see my item comments?

How many votes per account?

Is This Going To Be A Yearly Contest?

Would it be legal to have a list of the items available on a website???

Congratulations, Winners!

A question about the future round rules (serious)

Almost There....!

Hey, my posts are getting scrubbed!

Can we see our own wondrous item critique?

Wondrous Items: Uncouth

A Nightmare I had after the great Revealing!

Congrats to the 32 and the Runner-ups!

What should the subs be doing?

Your favorites - Round 1

Text For Losing Items?


Round two rules question

Leash of the Shadowhound

Round 2 Judging Format and Guidelines

Beacon of Hope

Superstar Wondrous Items of the SRD

Help submitting?

Deadstring Shears

Tinnil's Stirring Rod

Greaves of the Monkey

The Shroud of Old Souls

The Cloak of Rian’s Mercy

Talisman of Whispering Souls

Gloves of Adaptive Combat

Elemental Glyphstone

Voting guidelines...some questions

Bring on Round 2

Well, I lost...

Items we should have submitted

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