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“A wider public” – A reflection on Pathfinder 2nd edition

¿Pathfinder's Spanish translation project?

~DD's Bakery and Waffle Shoppe~ Come In and Discuss Your Most Memorable Adventures! All Factions Welcomed!

{Summoning} How many summons are too much?

{Shadowdancer] Class rewrite proposal

{Feat] - 2-Handed Power Attack overpowered

{Assassin} Making sure the king stays dead!

______ Theory of Disease


[W] damage multipliers stacking

[Wizard] – Arcane Bond / Specializing

[Wizard] What does the Universalist sacrifice?

[wizard] Universalist metamagic too powerful?

[wizard] Universalist metamagic too powerful?

[Wizard] Universalist Metamagic

[Wizard] Toss the Spellbook

[Wizard] Specialization - What changes would you like to see?

[Wizard] Specialist Spell List

[Wizard] School Powers Question

[Wizard] Prohibition

[Wizard] Bonded Item Enchant Questions

[Wizard: Necromancer abilities] Playtest gripes by player

[Wizard: Divination School] Really really underpowered

[Wishlist] Metric Temperatures

[weapon] Lasso, can we add it again?

[Weapons] The Vorpal Property

[Weapons] Open Table Niches

[Weapons] New Special Qualities

[Weapons] Getting rid of 2DX damage

[Weapons and Armors] Effective Bonus vs. Flat Cost Increase

[Weapons & Maneuvers]

[Variant] Battle Sorcerer

[Useful Advice Series] What if he / she / it is invisible?

[Useful Advice Series] What if he / she / it is flying?

[Useful Advice Series] What if he / she / it has an unbelievable AC?

[unofficial] What do you want spoiled on

[UM] Whip Magus

[Typo] in the Performing a Combat Maneuver: text (page 150)

[Two-weapon fighting] Propose your fix here

[Two-weapon Fighting and Shield Bashing]

[Two Weapon Fighting] Making it for everyone

[Tweak] Sneak Attack and Knowledge checks, p. 38 (reloaded)

[Tweak] Rogue - Master Strike - preventing the "oops" attack

[Tweak] Paladins and Divine Feats

[Tweak] No AoOs with Spiked Chain

[Tweak] Melee attack bonus - Dex-based for some weapons

[Tweak] Disable Device / Open Locks and armor check penalty

[Tweak] Disable Device / Open Locks - INT-based instead of DEX , p. 57

[Tweak] Bravery - p.27

[Tweak] Bardic performance and perception modes - p. 17

[Tweak] Armor check penalty to STR / DEX skill checks - p. 53

[Tweaked and rejigged] Ki pool and ki powers - p.30

[Tweaked and rejigged] Flurry of blows and non-monk weapons - p.28

[Tweaked and rejigged] Bardic performance - now with a pool o' points

[Tricks] Possible solution to the Fighter-only feats dilemma

[Touch Attacks] Holding a charge during a normal unarmed attack

[TOS+ INTEGRATION] Barbarian Rage Points: Not Clear...

[TOS+ Integration] Acrobatics vs Jump: Speed not taken into account...

[TOOL] TOS+ v2.00 with PF RPG support!

[Thinktank] Encumbrance

[Think-Tank] ECL Races in PRPG

[Think-Tank] Beta Classes

[Think Tank] Two Weapon Fighting

[THINK TANK] Sorcerers

[THINK TANK] Sorcerer Bloodlines - Balance

[THINK TANK] Sorcerer Bloodlines - Balance

[Think Tank] Smite Evil should be 24 / 7

[Think Tank] Save or Die in 3.P

[THINK TANK] Rangers

[THINK TANK] Racial Feats

[THINK TANK] Racial Feats

[Think Tank] Racial Ability Scores


[Think Tank] Psionics

[THINK TANK] Paladins

[THINK TANK] Paladins

[Think Tank] Multiclassing

[Think Tank] Monsters


[THINK TANK] General Feats

[THINK TANK] Fighters

[THINK TANK] Fighter Feats

[THINK TANK] Fighter

[Think Tank] Familiars

[THINK TANK] Divine Feats

[THINK TANK] Divine Feats

[THINK TANK] Combat Feats

[THINK TANK] Combat Feats

[Think Tank] Clerics

[Think Tank] Caster level based Save DC

[Think Tank] - Ranger Combat Styles

[Thanksgiving] Printer Friendly

[Terminology] Weapon Familiarity - Weapon Proficiency, p. 8 and ff.

[Terminology] Skill ranks vs. skill points - Acquiring Skills, p 52. - (Alpha 2 horse reflogged)

[Terminology] Skill ranks vs. skill points - Acquiring Skills, p 36.

[Terminology] Broken condition, p 154

[Synergy] Craft (weapons) and Damage reduction type

[Sundering Magic Weapons] A 'broken' rule ???

[SUMMON SWARM] More Swarm Selection Request

[Suggestion] Base the XP Progression chart on a mathematical formula

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