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Are these 3rd party Kineticist options balanced?

Really could use Build Advice Martial Armorist

Tips on Buffing Up the Mystic Theurge Class

Help New Player, Build Advice Armiger / Hell Knight

Being a gm in reign of winter

Level one sorcerer.

Metamagician's Apprentice

Classes without spellcasting, spell-like or supernatural attributes

I need your help: Improvised Weapons

DSP Cryptic and Mythic Questions

What are some good Savant Pairings for Gestalt?

Pathfinder Samurai "katana Duelist" build help

What is the most versatile ranged weapon?

Vestige Bloodline and Technological Items


Custom Kineticist Item

Converting Harry Potter Creatures to PF

Monk seeking Tian Xia flavor and extras

Thoughts on allowing a full-round action to grapple?

Need advice / suggestions for Trade factions and PF trade resources

Balancing Characters with a Different Campaign

Destroying Hell's Rebels

Green Knight Archtype Changes

Buffing Overwhelming Soul

PFS Character Creation: Things to look for, things to know.

Advice for War for the Crown NPC's.

Monk after level 20?

A new campaign setting

Magic item help.

Arcanist Custom Greater Exploit: Advice, Tweaks, Opinions, Etc.

Homemade Class Based on Force Users from Star Wars (suggestion for alterations)

Samurai Order of the Eclipse

Curious about online olay

Help building god level hidey hole.

Building a New Game Mechanic

How guns and bows should be handled (i.e., no new rules or splat required), and everything you need to know about guns for RPGs

A viking-oriented barbarian / fighter hybrid class ? advices and feedback appreciated

PFS swashbuckler advice

PFS: Mileage from Perform without Bard levels

Is sacrificing feat progression for Spheres of Might access worth it for me or should I multiclass?

Spheres of Power?

Eye king template

Need Help - 3rd Party Fear Based Build

Deities in PFS?

Should Medusa's Wrath work with Unchained Flurry of Blows?

Advice on a Legend of Zelda "Link" Build.

Looking for advice on Ysoki Mechanic Outlaw build

Soul Archer and Gifted blade

for all those that read this simple question

Magical Ethics in the real world

Looking for alternatives to Wands & Staves

Elocater - Has any one played one?

4 armed unchained monk???????

What does this even mean???

My adventure idea

does this seem balenced

A New Class

Warder, Hawkguard and Eternal Hourglass

Way of the Wicked pact question

Archetype Combination Helper Sheet

How would you make an Oracle+Sorcerer hybrid class?

How often should you bait your players into slaughtering the innocent?

Bloodragers - The Missing Link [Class Rework Advice Needed]

How to handle GM mistake that caused PC deaths?

Doing the Dark Archive on a (Skills) budget ...

Using Two Big-ish Weapons - PFS

Network Descriptor augment on Battle Transformation

Marilith Class!

(PFS) Are the master and grandmaster performer feats PFS legal?

Archtype bans.

Custom Skinwalker heritage

Class Archetypes for a Jungle Setting


Chaotic Surge Wilder - God mode

Path of War Questions - Scarlet Throne - Circular Stance

Advice - New Damnation Feat #2

I think I may have used too much . . .

Advice - New Damnation Feat

Cleaning out my closet

Hombrew spell

Bushi-Zweihander Sentinel(5) / Landsknech(1) Path of War feats

Problem with Corruption / Affliction / mutation system

Cracked Opalescent White Pyramid & Swashbuckler Rogue Archetype

1 on 1 Compendium

feats you think are seriously underrated

New weapon for magus

Path of War Archetypes or Looking for ways to use an at will short range teleport

Wild shape octopus

Homebrew Class - Setting-Specific Alchemist

Rise of the Runelords Scaling

do my familiar take my turn to play pathfinder

Looking for a Scenario with a Single Map

Goblin Graveyard

Jade Regent where to find Caravan Minis

Suggested CR modifier for creature template: vampire strigoi

"Rust Spider" - In need of a second / third look - Also, quick loot question

gm using rerolls

Non-social vigilante?

Homebrew Campaign - Balance and Play-Ability Questions

Inner Sea Trade Routes

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