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Occultist Baliff's Chalice Sacred Implement Soul Collector

Pathfinder 1st edition doesn't exist anymore?

Paizo Blog: A First Look at Pathfinder Second Edition

Are these 3rd party Kineticist options balanced?

Simple question regarding Smite in 2e

[Interjection Games] EZG reviews The Master of Forms Expanded: The Wood Element

please explain "unchained" classes

Really could use Build Advice Martial Armorist

If PF1 was revived and revised by Paizo, what would you change?

Tips on Buffing Up the Mystic Theurge Class

Oozemorph 2.0: My homebrew attempt to fix the Oozemorph

Help New Player, Build Advice Armiger / Hell Knight

Hottest fire around?

Being a gm in reign of winter

HELP! How do we kill Tar Baphon!?

Level one sorcerer.

Char turned out different than I thought

Eclipsing Rage And Light Levels

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Lini

Metamagician's Apprentice

Metamagician's Apprentice

The Elephant in the Room Feat Tax PDF

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Lem

Can a martial (or.. not a full caster) character get Make Whole or Greater as a spell-like?

Low magic setting rules for Pathfinder

Low magic setting rules for Pathfinder

Looking for Feat Recommendations for an Animal Companion

Sarkoris, pre-worldwound

Boon bonuses and rp requirements for day jobs

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Puzzle Box

How does the Weapon Champion's Favored Weapons feature interact with the Daisho Expertise feat?

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Red Snow

New devil idea: blue devil

'Current Level' for feat benefit

Looking for help with a switch hitter build Ranger.

Classes without spellcasting, spell-like or supernatural attributes

I need your help: Improvised Weapons

Variant Multiclassing : Psychic

Feats for a skeleton

Spell Mastery Revised

Construct Advice for a 6th level Alchemist (with Promethean Disciple)

Summoning Weird Situations

Allignment question amd fearing my parties paladin.

My brother says that a rogue, barbarian build done right is the most broken build out there is he right?

DSP Cryptic and Mythic Questions

Stacking Criticals

Please critique my son's new classes

Bardic Weapon (for Violent Performance) is missing

Body Snatcher & Capstone

Lost caster levels?!?

Gypsy Prank and Weapon Finesse - do they stack?

Folio Re-Roll

Oracle Class feature question

Pathfinder Second Edition: The vision. The big idea.

“Why do you think Sarenrae is good aligned? She opened the Pit of Gormuz and left it open just so the Tarrasque and his brethren could escape. That means she’s clearly evil.”

Does Anyone Have "Into the Shattered Continent" ?

A few rules questions

Stormborn Sorcerer needs Umph

He Who Would be King - what is he?

How Did your WotR End? (Spoilers)

DMing with 3 Mounted players [Help me please]

Do you think resonance will help magic items feel more "special?"

Cleric Opposition Schools

Pathfinder society legality

Speed in PF 1

Emerald Spire Level 7: the Shrine of the Awakener

non caster players

Fear not! I will "Remove" your invisibility with a knife... -__-

Would appreciate some help

Pathfinder kingmaker. What's your party like?

Questions about obtaining non-core rule book items and getting an idea of the PF world background

Pathfinder Reference Document conversion to LaTeX (then to PDF)

Dominate Monster and Bards?

What are some good Savant Pairings for Gestalt?

Pathfinder Samurai "katana Duelist" build help

Disciple of Fear Starfinder Homebrew Classes

Starfinder Homebrew Playable Races

Unarmed Master Starfinder Homebrew Class

Elementalist Starfinder Homebrew Classes

new spell level

Playtest taking over

Ignoble Form - 24 hour duration, not dismiss-able?

What is the most versatile ranged weapon?

Settlements on other peoples kingdoms

Spheres of power, Spellcrafting and class concept creation confusions

Vestige Bloodline and Technological Items


Question Regarding Melee Attacks and Iterative Attacks

Cursing Party members.

What happened to the cure spells in new version

Pathfinder 1st Edition Continuation Project

Custom Kineticist Item

Is this 3rd Party Stuff OP?

Converting Harry Potter Creatures to PF

Converting Harry Potter Creatures to PF

Akashic Characters Tread (TM)

Please Rate my Magus Handbook.

Monk seeking Tian Xia flavor and extras

Bard Masterpiece Question

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